When it happens…

When it happens…

… I really need this:

Had a very bad headache on the left side of the head since I came back home from my date. Rem gave me two of these and I hope it lasts until I go to bed.

Unrelated story: My shoes just got a souvenir! I bought my shoes back in 2005, a pair of Obermain leather shoes bought during I-can’t-remember-what-sale-was-that at One Utama, PJ. I can still wear it, but 5 years had made the shoes stink. So, I bought an odour-control insoles at Guardian Plaza Shah Alam, and I really hope that it works. 🙂

Bought this. Thanks bro!
My shoes with the insoles. Maybe, after this we can try putting some aromatherapy-massage insoles. 😀

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