UiTM Law Faculty @ Cempaka…

UiTM Law Faculty @ Cempaka…

Previously, UiTM Law Faculty is situated between the Business School. And we never have a building that we can call as our own. Some people still claim that the Law Faculty building between the Business School was actually not ours but given by the Business School.

But now, I am so proud that we have a building that we can proudly call as ours. Although it was converted from a residential college, no person will realize that unless he /she is told. 3 blocks and the dining hall were converted into lecture rooms and an auditorium. While the old building between the Business School is still used for the LL.B Hons programme as well as for  lectures at the lecture rooms at Level 6.

And the FUU/Cempaka [the new buildings were converted from Kolej Cempaka] is currently undergoing a beautification project. I was shocked to see how beautiful this place has been since I first step here in 2005.

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