The Next Three Days…

The Next Three Days…

Yesterday, I watched an awesome movie at TGV Sunway Pyramid. At least for me the movie was awesome. 🙂 The movie was not part of the plan. The plan was to watch other movie but since the other movie was full-house, I asked the counter-boy to suggest another movie. And he suggested The Next Three Days. He even explained the movie’s storyline and if not for the timely interruption, he will surely tell about the movie from the beginning till the end.

The premise of the movie is thought-provoking. How far can you go to save someone that you dearly loved? How much do you trust your loved ones when everybody else don’t? How much will you sacrifice for your loved ones?

The Next Three Days ponders us with such questions. As soon as you leave the cinema hall, your mind will keep asking you those questions and it will keep haunting you, until you found the next movie which will make you forget about The Next Three Days.

It is about John who works as a teacher in a community college at Pittsburgh. He has a wife, Lara and a son, Luke. Everything was normal in this family until one day, when the Pittsburgh Police Department raided his house with a warrant and arrested Lara for murder. He tried his best for three years to ensure that his wife is release but to no avail, he was not successful. John’s lawyer even told him that based on the evidences, there was a high possibility that Lara did the offence and that Lara’s appeal will not be successful. This event when John met his lawyer was the turning point for John as he soon realized that there is no hope through legal means. What will he do? Go and watch the movie!

For me, the first part of the movie was slow as it was more of having the audiences to understand the psychological state of John and Lara ever since Lara’s arrest. However, once the movie entered the action part, I couldn’t sit still in the cinema and kept moving forward and backward as it was full of suspense!

Overall, 8/10.



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