103, Blok 8, Jalan 8/1 & AL 527 FUU, UiTM. Full of memories. 3 years at 103 [since 7/7/2007 until 30/11/2010] and half-a-year at 527. But both places are very close to my heart. Both places are places where I spent most of my time at.

Don’t know exactly what to post today, so, here’s some photos…

14/11/2010 – 4.28 A.M

  • Akmal packing up his things
  • 15/11/2010, he went back to Ipoh at 4.30 pm
Time ni Akmal tgh kemas2 barang dia. Petang esoknya dalam pkl 4.30 ptg dia balik Ipoh...
Meja Akmal dah bukak...


27/11/2010 – 8.00 pm

  • Remy sms at 12 pm asked me to join convo but I was in deep sleep
  • Woke up at 4.00 pm and it was raining heavily. No transport [Juara leaking] so, continued to sleep
  • Then, mummy called, said want to pick up all things from rumah sewa tonight
  • But nothing happened, so at midnight went to A&W
Katil Akmal dah bukak...
Time ni b4 aku bukak katil aku. Katil Akmal dah siap bukak dah.


30/11/2010 – 1.00 pm

  • Went to UiTM with mummy and In after fetched Alya & Aisya from MBSA
  • To pick up things from office
Kelas A yang dah jadi sangat sunyi... 🙁
Seyes rindu tempat ni... lupa lak nak amek gamba kat tempat kipas air-cond..hehe
Office grup B pada hari kejadian...


2/12/2010 – 5.00 pm

  • Went to Seksyen 8 with Ijat to pick up the remaining items from rumah sewa
  • Some of the items were sent to Puncak Alam [my sister’s rumah sewa] on Tuesday, 30th November
  • 30th November, nyte, went to Murni
  • 1/12 went to Pyramid.
  • So, today went to Seksyen 8. Stopped by at Azmi Goreng Pisang Seksyen 19.
Beratur nak beli Goreng Pisang Azmi...
Harta peninggalan...
Ruang depan...
Bilik Aiman dan Rem...
Bilik aku dan Akmal...

Le temps fuit, et nous traine avec soi: Le moment ou je parle est deja loin de moi

Time flies and draws us with it. The moment in which I am speaking is already far from me. – Nicolas Boileau-Despreaux

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