Hotel Review: Hotel de ART, Shah Alam (Malaysia) – Where to Stay

Hotel Review: Hotel de ART, Shah Alam (Malaysia) – Where to Stay

Shah Alam is the capital city of Selangor. Although some said the city is boring, Shah Alam has a lot of attractions to be visited such as the Blue Mosque and i-City. One of the hotels that we can consider to stay at is Hotel de ART, located at Section 7, Shah Alam.



The reception area.

Hotel de ART is categorized as a boutique budget hotel and people tend to have a negative perception with the word ‘budget’. Nevertheless, this hotel is not your typical type of budget hotel. It is so artsy, it is also dubbed as the first art-themed hotel in Malaysia.

The ceiling at the reception. A classy look with a decent price.

The first place that I went to was the reception area, to check-in. Despite its limited space, it is comfortable enough, with sofas for other members of the group to wait at and a TV to entertain them. They also sell can drinks apart from having a water dispenser there. The staff are also friendly, it was not a hassle during my check-in.

Waiting area at the reception.

Hotel de ART has 58 rooms and all rooms have different themes such as Mickey Mouse, Lady Gaga and Paris. As for my room, I was assigned a nature-themed room and it suits me well since being an excursion from my busy days, having such a room definitely provide comfort for me.

The corridor at one of the floors.

The room itself, though not so big, has many amenities. It has a prayer mat for Muslims, mosquito repellent, coffee facility and a working desk. So, if one is on a business trip, this hotel is comfortable enough yet will not burn a hole in the pocket.

The bed is so comfortable!
Trust me… I was there!

As for the bed, I was really shocked when I lied down on it. It was so comfortable and the comforter was very thick, I fall asleep in the matter of second!

Working desk for the workaholic in you.

Another amenity that I wish to highlight is the fact that it has water dispenser near the staircase, which is good if one wants a glass of ice-cold water. Hotel de ART also teamed-up with Hailam Kopitiam, so all guests will receive a voucher for free breakfast at the Kopitiam, situated downstairs. Though choices are limited, this is definitely a plus point for a boutique budget hotel.

This is so thoughtful.

In terms of security, the access card is needed to access the main door (if your room is situated in a different block like mine) and the room. I would say that it is safe enough, as there are also CCTVs around.


One of the setbacks for the hotel is the location. Although strategically located at Section 7 beside a lake, the means of public transportation to go here is mainly the taxi. There are Rapid KL buses but the frequency is unreliable.

The spotless bathroom.

Apart from that, this hotel is separated into 3 different blocks. The block where my room was located has no lift and it could be a hassle for the elderly and for those who bring a lot of luggages.

The coffee making facility.

Choices for coffee making is also limited as they only give a sachet of Nescafe 3-in-1, but since this is a boutique budget hotel, I don’t consider that as something that is too serious.

Having the Jumbo is a bless.

Overall, this is a really nice hotel to stay in. If you want a short staycation or on a business trip, or just want to stay in a hotel once in a while, this hotel is definitely worth the price you paid for.


Hotel de ART is an art-themed boutique hotel situated at Section 7, Shah Alam, near UiTM 2nd gate.

For bookings and enquiries, do visit their website or contact them at:

No 3, Jalan Kristal AS7/AS,
Seksyen 7, 40000 Shah Alam,
Selangor, Malaysia

T: +603 5518 0975 / 55180976 

Rating (Maximum 5 stars):

  • Value for money: 4 stars
  • Location: 3.5 stars
  • Customer service: 4 stars
  • Security: 3 stars
  • Cleanliness: 4 stars
  • Facilities: 4 stars
  • F&B: 3.5 stars


3.7 stars

74.3 %


I would like to personally thank Ms. Jenny of Hotel de ART for making my stay at the hotel possible. Kindly be informed that all the contents/reviews are of my personal views.


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