The girl next door…

The girl next door…

I can’t sleep. And I don’t have the right mood to study. So, I ended up watching this movie:

The Girl Next Door 🙂

What can I say, the movie is just sooooooo great! I am not going to tell about the storyline, otherwise I may end up telling everything about the movie. But in short, this movie is very entertaining and I do suggest you to watch this movie. A brief reminder from me though, this movie contains some supposed-to-be-censored scenes; so please don’t watch this movie with all your family members if you already had that idea in your mind ;p

Why is this movie great? Actually, it’s not just about all those sexy scenes. This movie has ‘something’ in it which kept me thinking, what am I going to remember of my school days upon graduating? This movie taught me that life in school is not just about books and exams. It’s beyond that. High school for me was a past. There is nothing I can do to change it, but yet, I am glad that at least I have something to remember of my high school days.

I can still remember the day when me and my friends went to Seremban city at night and we came back the next morning, having spent our night at the city. I can still remember how we came back from our weekly outing one night [when we were supposed to return back to hostel at 4 pm] and we entered the school compound through the field in order to avoid being caught by the security guard. I can still remember, as the punishment for us coming late to the assembly, the PK HEM had us ‘jalan itik’ from the ‘Musolla’ to the assembly square. I can still remember, one fine morning, when some of us skipped the usual Subuh ‘jemaah’ prayer at the ‘Musolla’ and we prayed at our dorm instead, suddenly Cikgu Ramly chased us, and Iqbal and me ended up hiding in the toilet.

Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t ask you to do something bad just to let you to have something to remember at. You may do something good too. But my point is, life that you experienced beyond the textbooks is what that will teach you to face the world. It will give you memories that you can never repeat when you’ve become older. The things that you done in your younger days, in your school days, may look bad; you may even break the school’s law in doing it, but trust me, one day you’ll learn something from it. At least, I have something to remember at besides all the facts and knowledge in the textbooks. I have experienced something that I can share with others and something that I can smile of when I looked back at my school days.

The same goes to campus life. Campus life is not about having a good CGPA per se. It’s about experiencing a new horizon which can guide you to face the cruel world outside. It’s about having fun and trying things which you may not have the chance to try and to do once you have entered the working world. Having fun is not wrong as long as you know how to control your limit. As I said, life is no life when you stay with books 24-7. I am grateful that during my campus life, I had experienced many crazy and enjoying things. Going to KL in the middle of the night, twice, unplanned. Skipping Mr. SR’s class and went to Sunway for one whole day without having any plan of what to do there. Locked outside by Pn. HK in Part 3 because I came in late for her lecture. There were so many things for me to remember at.

I’m not trying to be proud for doing things that I was not supposed to. ;p At least I learned something about all those things that I’ve done. Life. I learned about life. I learned to enjoy my life. My advice: Enjoy your life while you can still enjoy it. Like in the movie, Matthew was about to graduate from his high school but yet, he realized that he never done any crazy things during his high school days. He had nothing to remember at. But as soon as he started doing crazy things, he had many things to remember about his high school days.

Yes, no matter what, at least I have something to remember at 🙂

7 Replies to “The girl next door…”

  1. i cant remember many things about studying in school. the most of the thing u gonna remember is the stupid and crazy part. benda tu yang buat kita gelak2 bila teringat balik. and yes, life is not about getting the best score. totally agreed.

    1. Thanks dib! When we were being playful, it didn’t mean that we weren’t studying, right? Study2 jugak tp we must have fun in our life. Mcm ko ckp, benda yg kita igt blk pun las2 benda yg bodoh dan gila kita buat. Apa yg kita blaja dlm kelas dulu, mmg tak igt apa dah..heheh

  2. slm bro.. aku duk UK, tp mls la speaking london..
    ckp mlayu bleh..
    this movie juz ok.. jln citer dia slow, pnat duk tggu..
    bleh wat tamb collection aku slain 100 girls, american pie 1,2,3,4,5 .. good luck chuck.. bla.. bla.. bla..
    anyway, thanks..

    1. salam~
      oh..takpe2..nk komen guna bahasa apa pun boleh. janji boleh faham 🙂
      thanks for the comment bro..
      aku suka movie ni sebab bagi aku, besides scenes yg seksi2 tu, aku suka perkara yg cuba disampaikan disebalik movie ni. yelah. kadang2 org dok igt kalau kat sekolah, it’s all about books, books, exams, and books. Last2 kalau dikenang balik, takde apa pun yg boleh dikenang sebab hidup dia kat sekolah cuma berlegar sekitar buku je. so, yeah. life in school is more than getting good grades only. 😉

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