It has been a while…

It has been a while…

…since I last updated my blog. It seems that the semester break had transformed me into a lazy being who has no will and determination to update this blog. Couple that with the problem I faced with the Internet connection at home. LOL. So many excuses, right? Anyway, I am not going to tell what had happened since I last updated my blog. Many things have transpired since then and to write about all those things will require some time. But I’ll try to add some photos of everything that I went through during my semester break.

Currently, I am in my final semester of my studies. Final semester and final year of my professional degree programme, the Bachelor of Laws (Hons.) or fondly known as the LL.B (Hons.). Part 1 was tough. To get a CGPA of more than 3.00 is like trying to get a fish from the Klang River. Yes, it was that tough. I heard that Part 2 is more relax than Part 1. Is it so? Well, honestly I’m not quite sure about that. Everything feels the same at the moment. Except for the lecturers, of course.

The lecturers in Part 2 are amazing. There are some who are old-fashioned minded and had us learned the hard way.  But what do you expect when most of them are senior lecturers who had even taught my aunt back in the 1980s.  And no matter what, I adore them for being loyal with UiTM. These are the lecturers for my class [LLB 2B] Part 2:

Advanced Criminal Procedure II – Tuan Lee Chong Fook

Advanced Civil Procedure II – Mr. Basir Suleiman

Law of Evidence II – Mr. Sri Rama

Civil Trial and Advocacy – Adjunct Professor Rajeswaran

Ethics – Dr. Mohd Bahrin Othman

Non-Contentious Legal Matters [Corporate Law] – Associate Professor Thamalingam

Non-Contentious Legal Matters [Family Law] – Puan Syuheida Aini

Opinion Writing – Associate Professor Dr. Irwin Ooi

Bahasa Melayu Undang-Undang II [Terjemahan] – Cik Rozaimah

Yup. They are our lecturers for this semester. Really 1 Malaysia isn’t it? So, who says UiTM is a homogeneous society? ;D

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