Iftar @ William’s…

Iftar @ William’s…

I’ve never been to William’s before. Worse, never heard of it before. So, when my friends said that we are going to William’s to break fast, I was like baby baby baby oh…

wth is William’s and where th is William’s?

So, we travelled from Shah Alam to Kelana Jaya… and traffic jams were everywhere :(.

Honestly, when I first heard of the name, I was imagining a restaurant situated at the shoplots. When we arrived at Taman Mayang [earlier I thought it was Taman Megah. But never mind, both are situated next to each other ;)], Akmal said,

“Haa.. tu dia William’s!”.

I turned left and saw a roadside stall [with a huge green board macam kat skolah full with the menus], almost like a ‘warung mamak tepi jalan dekat tengah2 bandar‘. And yes, William’s is exactly a roadside stall. A roadside stall with a ‘super-duper-yummy-umph-food’.

Hasinah, being the only person living in Kelana Jaya where William’s is like her “Eh, jom William’s”  place to eat ordered for almost all of us. I had a…..sorry, I can’t remember what the food name is…hehe… and a jumbo size Ribena Longan. Others had meatball spaghetti, seafood arrabiata with spaghetti, meatball lasagna etc.

The price seems expensive. Mine is RM 20. The seafood arrabiata with spaghetti is RM 30. And the Ribena Longan is RM 7. But actually, it was reasonable considering the portion of foods that we had amid the warung-style ambiance.

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So, the moral of the story is : Never judge a book by its cover 😀 For directions, just google: william’s taman mayang. For full reviews, just google: william’s taman mayang blog. ;D

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  1. ok.nampak sedap!.
    dan dengan ini saya ingin meminta maaf kerana tidak dapat menghadiri jamuan makan berbuka puasa anjuran khai dan ibu yang pemurah T.T ada hal la pulak ahad ni. sorry khai. *bersalah ni.bersalah ni*.

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