BM teacher needs to master BM…

BM teacher needs to master BM…

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I disagree with the suggestion of Bukit Mertajam MP who suggested that bahasa Malaysia teachers must know bahasa Mandarin in order to teach in Chinese vernacular school. The MP said that the requirement is needed so that  students in Chinese school can learn the national language better. He gave an analogy. He said, just imagine how difficult the situation will be if a bahasa Mandarin teacher is to teach in national schools without knowing bahasa Malaysia.

Honestly, his statement or rather suggestion is unacceptable. His analogy is so absurd. Doesn’t he know that bahasa Malaysia is the national language enshrined in Article 152 of the Federal Constitution? Doesn’t he know that each and every Malaysians must know how to speak in that language in order to call themselves Malaysians? He cannot use the analogy to justify his suggestion to make it obligatory for all bahasa Malaysia teachers to learn and know bahasa Mandarin in order to teach in SJKC.

It is good to learn and know extra languages. Indeed it is a benefit. But what makes me disagree with him the most is his analogy. To say that it is hard for bahasa Mandarin teachers to teach in SK if they do not know bahasa Malaysia is very ridiculous. Every Malaysians must know how to speak in the national language. In fact, now I think his suggestion is also ridiculous. As far as I am concerned, 100% of SJKC students are Malaysians. If that is so, why does the MP wants bahasa Malaysia teachers to learn Mandarin in order to teach the students? As Malaysians, all the students must know how to speak in bahasa Malaysia. It is the responsibility of the parents to teach their children the national language.

If the students in SJKC needs Mandarin-speaking teachers to teach them bahasa Malaysia because they are not so fluent or even do not understand the language, well, I have one thing to tell their parents:

Shame on you for not teaching your children the national language but proudly called yourselves Malaysians!

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  1. totally agree with you. sometimes, our MP didn’t know to speak wisely on some matters – without research and consideration on ‘sensitivity’.

    1. Yup. That’s right. I admit that racial issue is a very sensitive issue. But yet, there are some MPs who are actually trying to raise such issue, but hiding behind other cause.

      Macam ahli parlimen ni, dia macam berselindung disebalik nama pendidikan. I just can’t accept his suggestion because bahasa Melayu is the national language and all citizens must know the language. Kan?

  2. I’m proud with you! Well Now I am a tutor for Malay language course in Plymouth University (part time) Its not a formal class but at least I let other people to know the existence of “Malay world” out there!

    1. Thanks bro! I’m proud of you too! 🙂
      Some people there are ignorance of our existence, so maybe by doing Malay language course will make them aware that there is a ‘Malay world’ here as well as a nation called Malaysia.

      Good luck bro!

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