Dewan Agong Tuanku Canselor, UiTM

Dewan Agong Tuanku Canselor, UiTM

Yesterday I went to UiTM’s law faculty to take my surat tamat belajar. I haven’t entered the campus’ compound since I graduated last December and there was some sort of down memory lane effect when I entered the campus again yesterday.

I was shocked to see several differences in UiTM within a short period of time.

1. The new hall’s construction is completed! Rumours said that my LLB convocation this May will be held at the new hall. If it’s true, my batch will make history as the first LLB batch to have our convo there.

2. The hall is already named! If UM has DTC and UKM has DECTAR, in UiTM we have DATC. Yes. Dewan Agong Tuanku Canselor! And its huuuggeee…

3. The wall at the fac’s foyer has been changed with new photos. Which means, our photos can be seen at the foyer and at Cempaka. And ‘our’ = me and my friends. Hahaha..

4. There’s myMydin IN UiTM… Style. hehe

Lagi gambar-gambar DATC klik sini…

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  1. Isn’t it crazy when you go to a place you haven’t been to in a while and all of sudden you get a bunch of memories in your mind?

    We had dinner with my ex-roommate last night and the place I used to live at looks completely different. It still made me think of a lot of stuff… Good ol’ memories!


    1. yeah mto! especially when I spent 5 years of my university days there.LOL.
      It’s even crazier when there were so many changes in such a short period of time.but still, when I entered the campus, there are things to remember in each and every corner…

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