Maher Zain: Live in Concert…

Maher Zain: Live in Concert…

Went to Maher Zain: Live in Concert on Friday night [25th February] with my mum, In, and Idzatti. Abah and Ijat couldn’t follow coz’ they had other programmes. As we went on the first night, the stadium was not full and the flow of the concert was not so smooth. Supposed to start at 8.30 pm but postponed till 9.00 pm as many fans who had bought their tickets still lining up outside the stadium in order to enter into the stadium.

We were also confused as there are so many doors and different doors were meant for different ticket price, but the organizers did not put many signs to indicate this. When the concert starts, several people still lingering inside the stadium looking for their seats.

However, Maher’s performance was great. He has a great voice and he knows how to interact with the people. I bet the 2nd night was better coz’ when I read Mingguan Malaysia yesterday, it looks like the concert was full house.

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  1. yup. 2nd night was full maybe because it was on saturday. i went there too, not many signs to show which door but you actually have to refer to event peoples there. many of them standby outside the stadium asking people what ticket they have then they’ll show which way to go

    1. Yup. U’re right. There were several crew members outside the stadium who helped us to show which door to go. But I just think that they should have put up more signs. At least there would be no need for the crew members to ask everybody “Can I see your ticket?”..

      But overall, it was a great concert. We had fun and as Maher puts it, we had a halal entertainment.

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