My 29th day…

My 29th day…

Today is my 29th day working in this office [including weekends]. Life has been busy ever since I started working, with opinions to be drafted, a little bit of research and a lot of discussions. I love discussions with the boss. Because sometimes it makes me aware of things I do not know. But I don’t like it when there are questions asked by the boss, and the question is about the fundamentals of the law, but yet, I do not remember, or worse, I do not know at all. It makes me feel soooooo stupid. Haha.

For example, last 2 days, I was asked by the boss during discussion session—

Boss: What can be claimed under section 7 of the Civil Law Act?

Me: Dependency claim, bereavement…

Boss: Another one?

Me: Ermmm….ermmm….

Boss: *Raise eye brows* What?

Me: Ermm… I don’t remember……

Boss: *With a tired-but-I-still-have-to-smile-smile-* You see, I cannot spoon feed you all the time. At times, you must remember the basics of the law. Afterwards you go and check what is the third one.

Me: Ok sir.

Then, during the discussion, he accidentally disclosed the third item that can be claimed – funeral expenses… ;p

Another situation, happened last two weeks, in the car on the way to Seremban Court Complex.—

Boss: What are the differences between section 7 and section 8 of the Civil Law Act?

Me: *Smiling*.. To be truth, I don’t..err…remember sir…

Boss: (Repeat the spoon-feed dialog above).

Me: Okay sir..

But thank God, when he asked yesterday, I remembered. Section 7 is about dependency claim etc [as mentioned above] while section 8 is estate claim. Like for example, if a fatal accident happened, and the parents want to claim the repair cost of the m/cycle of the deceased plaintiff, they can claim under section 8 i.e. estate claim.

Okay. I think that’s all for today. Haha. Am drafting an opinion but my brain jammed already. To be continued tomorrow. ;D Haha. Btw, because there is no one in the office right now, I took some photos of the office. Hehe 🙂

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