Excuse me…

Excuse me…

Earlier this morning, I had to send my sister to her extra class at Kota Kemuning. There was an empty space at the parking lot, beside a very big car. I parked on the left side of the big car. But due to my inexperience in driving cars [I am still having a ‘P’ licence! ;p], I parked so close to the big car. I have to use the co-driver’s side to get out because I couldn’t get out from the driver’s side.

Then, suddenly a boy tapped my waist…

Boy: Excuse me…

Me: Yes?

Boy: Why did you parked near to my mummy’s car?

Me: *Speechless*

Then, his mummy kept apologizing to me because of her son’s behaviour. The reason he asked was because he couldn’t open the door and had to get out through his mummy’s sides.

Mummy: So sorry ya? He had to climb over to get out and he kept asking me in the car, why should he climbed over…

Then, a Malay lady [related to me, btw] asked the boy’s mummy, how old he is and the mummy answered, 4 years old. And the Malay lady said, very good-very good. Malay children of his age will not have the guts to say like that.

My comment? I was so angry. Haha. If his mother is not there, mau aku lesing jugak budak ni… *-* The thing is, it’s true that I was at fault, but where is the sign of respect, man? I will feel better if his mummy is the one who asked me the question. Or it will be better if the kid at least call me like, “Excuse me, uncle..”

But to tap my waist and asked with an Àomàn face….

Nevertheless, that’s just my opinion. Huhu. Some of you may think what the boy did was right, but for me, the manner in which he did it was so… *speechless*… Terkesima aku.. Haha.

Remember, folks, budi bahasa budaya kita! ;D

7 Replies to “Excuse me…”

  1. you should not feel angry to the boy.he was a very brave boy.that’s a good attitude because what he needs to ask, he ask.that curiousity might bring up some quality personality which useful when he grow up.

    1. yes, I second that. But I think he can say it in a different way, a way which is more respectful to the elderly. Just my humble opinion anyways. 🙂

  2. my dad once told me that when we were young, when we can even speak, we were usually very curious.so when we finally able to speak, we ask a lots of question which was long hold.”why is this” “why is that”.

  3. “Boy: Excuse me…
    Me: Yes?
    Boy: Why did you parked near to my mummy’s car?”
    it was already humble.what else can he say to make it humbler?plus,it was just a question.he wasnt even angry or rude.well, thats my opinion

    1. Haha. maybe it’s his facial expression. I don’t know. Can’t remember already. It’s ok miss. Everybody is entitled to their opinion. Ours a free and democratic country. We can always agree to disagree. 🙂 Thanks for reading btw!

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