I can be a souvenir maker…

I can be a souvenir maker…

Working in an air-conditioned office means that we are confined in a room with limited source of oxygen. And also lack of greenness. Our eyes will also be very tired due to the prolonged time of looking at the PC’s monitor. But today, I have a new source of oxygen in the office! And also a greener thing to look at after hours of looking into the PC’s monitor.

It all started last Saturday, where I went to Giant and found this small little houseplant. So, I bought it for RM 3.99. The reason being houseplant can be grown for decorative purposes, positive psychological effects, or health reasons such as indoor air purification [ayat Wikipedia.. haha]. Then, I was also looking for a small clock to put on my desk [because my office does not have a wall clock..hehe]. So, I bought one yesterday. Then, while I was doing some housekeeping, I found an unused wooden-like souvenir.

So, after combining the mini houseplant, the small clock and the unused wooden-like souvenir, what I get is:

A new source of oxygen, air purifier, and a greener thing to look at ;D

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