UiTM 74th convocation…

UiTM 74th convocation…

As you may have already known, most UiTM law students will have 2 convocations in a period of a year. I had my first convocation last year, for the BLS, and another one this upcoming May, for the LL.B. What makes me so excited is that we are going to be the first batch of students who are going to have our ceremony at the spanking new Dewan Agong Tuanku Canselor.

Details of the convocation [take note my friends] are as follows:


By the way, to curious people out there [including me], here are some snapshots of the DATC, UiTM Malaysia, Shah Alam…

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Photos credit to: http://rjrul.blogspot.com/2011/01/new-uitm-convocation-hall.html

4 Replies to “UiTM 74th convocation…”

  1. Dear Mr lawyer to be,

    congrats… good luck in your chambering (Latihan dalam kamar eh? ) hahahahah have lots of fun!
    later on boleh belanje ok? 😛

    1. hehe.. thanks bro… chambering is fun but the work loads have reduced the time for me to update this blog. and yes, latihan dalam kamar coz in BM I am known as a pelatih dalam kamar. haha 😀

      yup. called to the bar i treat u!

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