Mini BBQ at my house…

Mini BBQ at my house…

On 4/6/11, Akmal, Rem and I had a mini BBQ at my house. In the morning, went to Bangsar to pick Rem up. Went to Akmal’s and then to e@curve. Watched X-Men and Diary of A Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules. Diary of A Wimpy Kid : Rodrick Rules is a nice movie. But better you watch the 1st installment first. Otherwise, you wouldn’t understand some of the inside jokes 😉 such as the Cheese Touch.

We planned to have the BBQ early. But after looking for all the BBQ things at Tesco Mutiara Damansara and then bought marshmallows at Giant Kota Damansara, we left that area around 10+ pm. We stared BBQing near midnight. But it was fun. Though my dad said “Apa BBQ cuma 3 orang je.  BBQ ramai2 la baru best…“, we still had lotsa fun!

The next day we went to Summit USJ and then we send Rem to his new rental room. Not so conducive I would say. Maybe he should just find another room to rent. The BBQ session photos below:

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