This was supposed to be a one to 2-hours hike. Heard about Bukit Gasing when Ikin went there before. Some sort of warm-up session before we try to reach the summit of Gunung Datuk, Rembau. So, without proper preparation, we left Shah Alam at 2.00++ pm and reached the arch at around 3.00++ pm. Very refreshing to see a jungle in the middle of the city.

Then, we continued to walk deep into the jungle. After the second bridge crossing a small stream, we turned left and climbed the hill.

That’s Muiz. After we’ve climbed around 200 ‘staircases’, we reached the Watchtower. From here, we can see the Bangsar/Kerinchi area of KL on the left and a Hindu temple which was in the newspaper recently because of the landslide at its compound. Yes, we can see the new tarpaulin sheet which was shown in the Star a couple of weeks ago. By the way, actually the left and right depends on where you are standing on the Watchtower.

On the right..
On the left...

Continued our journey and when we reached a crossed path, then Ikin told us that she used the left path before. So, to make it more adventurous, we took the right path. We walked and crossed several small streams until we reached a tarred road. Yes, a tarred road!

Remember, we entered Bukit Gasing through the Bukit Gasing residential area with all the big houses in Petaling Jaya. And it’s near the Amcorp Mall. But when we went uphill and downhill on this tarred road, and passed several abandoned houses with an old car parked outside (the only things that made us sure that there were people who used to use this path were the trail markers left i.e. a 100 plus bottle, a cigarette pack etc.), we ended up in a totally different place. There is a PPR flat and several kampung houses. We checked the signboard and it states that we were at:

Wow! From PJ, now in KL. And the car is parked on the other side. How great. LOL. Asked many people there how to go to PJ and they stared blankly or otherwise would said: Jauh tu dik! To make it short, we thought of going back into the jungle but it was raining heavily and the jungle was very dark. So, we decided to wait. Then, thought want to take a cab. But due to money constraints and to make it more (again) adventurous, we took the KTM Komuter to KL Sentral and from there we took the Kelana Jaya Line LRT to Taman Jaya. From Taman Jaya (A&W to be exact), we walked to Bukit Gasing. Arrived at 7.40 pm. Yes, a 1-2 hours hike had became a 6 hours journey. ;p

More photos below:

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