Restoran Cina Muslim Al-Munawwarah, USJ 9…

Restoran Cina Muslim Al-Munawwarah, USJ 9…

Al-Munawwarah Chinese Muslim Restaurant sure loves number 9. They have a branch at Shah Alam’s Seksyen 9. And quite recently they opened up a branch near my office in USJ 9. But I never had the chance to try the foods at this restaurant until just now. As it is situated just a few lots away from my office, I made a decision to try the foods there.

Nasi Ayam Kam Heong set = RM 6.00 + Teh O Ais = RM 1.60 = RM 7.60

Food is delicious. Price is a little bit high from standard. But the thing is, when you ordered something fancy, you won’t know what’s inside the dish. In my case, there are dried shrimps, causing my nose to ‘gatal’2. Hehe.

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