As you know, I took train from Hat Yai to Bangkok during my last year’s backpacking trip to Thailand. Dan keretapi Thailand sangat laju berbanding keretapi KTM Intercity kita. Keretapi Thailand ambil masa berjam-jam sebab jarak yang panjang dan jauh antara satu stesen ke satu stesen. KTM Intercity kita ambil masa berjam-jam sebab kelajuan dia tak selaju keretapi Thailand.

Kat bawah ni video yang Muiz [yang ikut aku ke Thailand untuk 3 hari pertama] ambil dari dalam gerabak kami masa dalam perjalanan ke Bangkok. Tak silap aku, video ni diambil hari Ahad pagi, maknanya dalam beberapa jam lagi akan sampai ke Bangkok.



  1. My last KTM train ride was like 10 years ago I think.. I like the scenery wise when travelling on train but the journey just horrendous lol

    • yup. the scenery while doing a train journey is very nice. When I went to Bangkok last December, the scenery in the northern states, and from Hat Yai to Bangkok is really amazing! But train ride in Thailand is unforgettable.

      I took a 3rd class ticket, which means the windows can be opened. And just imagine while the train was moving very fast in the wee hours and the windows were opened. Sejuk giler! Haha.

      But the ride was so long. No matter to Thailand or to Singapore, KTM train ride is just, as you put it, horrendous, especially due to the long hours. That’s why I can’t wait for this:

      “The Suruhanjaya Pengangkutan Awam Darat (SPAD) is currently conducting a feasibility study on a high-speed rail link between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore”

      which I don’t know when will it be approved. LOL

      • oh Yes, I’ve heard about it too actually. Both govt. ongoing talk regarding that. It will definitely hurt KTM, budget air and coaches if they decided to build one lol

        • not only that, KLIA will also be affected as based on studies done, if the travel time between both countries could be slashed by under an hour, then people will definitely want to fly from Changi instead of KLIA. hehe.

          nways bro, is there any New Victory Restaurant near Zam Zam? I think I saw one while I was there but wasn’t so sure. Because I just realised that near my office, there’s this Victory (Arab St) Restaurant and I was told that both restaurants are related. hehe

          • tried already bro. I’ve been working in this area for almost a year, but just realized bout this restaurant this week. lol

            the Murtabak is almost like ZamZam, but of course here they don’t use the olive oil. hahah. And the mihungoreng singapore, mee goreng singapore, mee kuah singapore, semua dah nak sama. and full of arab st photos here. tetiba rindu singapore! haha

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