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    1. beli bro tapi tak sedaaaappp!! rasa ubat! haha. coke ngan cherry memang tak masuk langsung. wahh! kat India kan sekarang? take care bro!!

  1. im still in uk… i went back for 3 weeks in feby for a short holiday break!
    sure la ade barang2 uk kat msia.. british ramai jugak suke dok msia tu… i don’t drink carbonated ni… 😀 setakat rasa boleh la…. meh datang sini meh… murah2… hahaha

  2. Bro…

    Dulu tahun 90an ada jual Cherry Coke kat Malaysia, tapi marketing tak berapa kuat. It’s not as widely available as Vanilla Coke is now… If you were a fan of it, you have to know where to source it back then.

    Both Malaysia and Singapore have it back then. TV commercials lebih kuat di Singapura, di Malaysia seingat saya tak ada iklan apa pun so none of my friends know about it except those from Johore.

    The can was red (as usual) but with black graphics which looks like sprawling cherry tree branches: .

    I was a student in a boarding school in Kota Bharu back then… Always get mine kat Parkson KB (next to 3 storey McDonalds back then). Normally bila keluar outing i get a six pack for a week supply…

      1. Oh, totally different from what I found at Jaya Grocer. But then being a 25 yo guy, I found Cherry Coke as something alien. Honestly, tak pernah tau pun wujudnya Coke jenis ni. Yang tau Coke biasa n Vanilla Coke. Hehe. Thanks for reading btw!

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