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So how’s the Starbucks planner look like in your country?

Asked Tim in his blog Mixed Up Already. So, in this post, I will tell about the Starbucks Planner 2013 – Malaysian Edition.

In Malaysia, to get the planner free of charge [otherwise you will have to fork out a whopping RM 138 = USD 45], you will have to use the Starbucks Card to purchase 15 beverages.

Starbucks Card - this is the Christmas limited edition.
Starbucks Card – this is the Christmas limited edition.

Starbucks Card is actually a prepaid payment card used in Starbucks Malaysia to pay for your favourite beverages. You can get one for free by topping up a minimum of RM 30. By using this card, every time you purchase a handcrafted beverages, you will get a reward star, which you can track from your Starbucks online portal.

So, when you purchase 10 beverages, you will get 10 stars which can be redeemed with a free grande size beverage. On top of that, as a year end promotion, with 15 beverages purchased, you can get a Starbucks Planner for 2013 for free.

Meaning that, after you bought 10 beverages, you can redeem a free grande size beverage, and buy another 5 beverages, you can redeem the planner for free. And another promotion that is still on going is that, when you redeem the planner, you can get a second planner for RM 45.

So, how the planner looks like?

It comes with 2 colours – brown and red/black. As brown is too cliche, I decided to choose the red/black version.

It comes with a pouch bag.
It comes with a pouch bag.

If the Indonesian planner comes with vouchers for every month in 2013, Malaysian planner only has the planner, and nothing else. ;p

It is a zipped planner.
It is a zipped planner.

When you open the zip, it looks like this:

Pen holder and other compartments...
Pen holder and other compartments…

And a little bit of foreward:

Their heritage...
Their heritage…

And the cover for each month, including testimonies from Starbucks customers.

January - April 2013
January – April 2013
May - August 2013
May – August 2013


September - December 2013
September – December 2013
The testimonies...
The testimonies…

That’s it! So, how’s the Starbucks planner looks like in your country? ;)



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  2. hi khaiii! :p

    Wanted to get the starbucks planner in orange & otr colours. but malaysia takde. saw nice ones in starbucks fb phillipines. wayyyy cheaper. but then. dah beli lain. funny how planner became something ‘important’ for us bila dah start kerja kan?

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