Mulai dari semalam, atas permintaan sesetengah pembaca, dan lepas meneliti pros dan cons, entri berkaitan dengan Malaysia aku akan tulis dalam English. Kalau ada salah tatabahasa, harap diperbetulkan 🙂


Langkawi. An island considered as the jewel of the state of Kedah. Clear skies and blue sea, superb white sand beach. And laid-back lifestyle. Those are the reasons people chose to go for a quick getaway to Langkawi.

And that are the reasons for my quick getaway over the weekend too! This trip to Langkawi was my first trip there where I went without my family members and where I had the total say of what to do and where to go. Went there with a friend of mine. Normally, a trip to Langkawi will be with my family members and I will just be a mere follower of whatever that my dad had planned.

This trip was not a properly planned one. Happened almost spontaneously, without any clear plan in hand and in mind. Even the accommodation was not booked prior to my arrival. Went there with Air Asia [as usual] with the crazy price of RM 88.00 for return ticket.

This is the journey to Langkawi.

Day 1: 1/2/13

I took half day off as I know I will not be ready if I did not take half day off from work. The flight would take off at 9.00 pm. After packing my stuff, we arrived at the KLIA-LCCT around 8.15 pm. We were literally running as the flight would take off in less than an hour!

My first time entering the domestic departure area of the KLIA-LCCT...
My first time entering the domestic departure area of the KLIA-LCCT…

The flight was full. Or almost full. Being a weekend, I bet a lot of people wanted to have a quick getaway there.

Heading to Langkawi!
Heading to Langkawi!

We arrived in Langkawi at around 10.00 pm. Just a short flight from KL to Langkawi.

There are 3 ways to go to Langkawi from KL:

  • Driving via the North-South Expressway to the Kuala Kedah [longer time to reach Langkawi] OR Kuala Perlis [shorter distance to Langkawi] jetty. From the jetty, take a ferry to Langkawi.
  • Take a bus from any bus station to the ferry terminals
  • By flight

Among these 3, taking a flight would be faster. But you will miss the nice view of the sea and the limestone,which you will get to see if you take the ferry.

We arrived at the Langkawi International Airport at around 10.00 pm. Being the last flight of the day, there were not many people in the airport. As this was our first time taking a flight to Langkawi, we were totally lost and did not know where to rent a car, until this one guy came and offered us a manual Cherry QQ for RM 60/day. [RM 180 for 3 days].

Upon signing the rental agreement and other compulsory documentations, we asked the guy, how to return the car as our flight back would be during night time. He asked us to leave the car at the airport carpark and leave the key inside the car. He said nobody will dare to steal the car as there  is no way a person can drive a car out from the island!

Call this guy if you need to rent a car. Good quality car and good price too!
Call this guy if you need to rent a car. Good quality car and good price too!

Car done. Now accommodation. We drove all the way to Pantai Cenang area and parked the car there. We went from one motel/hostel to another, but all were fully booked. We walked for 13 minutes from Pantai Cenang until we reached Desa Motel, where we met several girls doing laundry for the motel.

The laundry girls...
The laundry girls…

They told us that Desa Motel was full. They made a few phone calls and then, we had a place to stay.

As they had tour packages for island hopping too, we decided to book from them. [RM 25].

A lot of motels offer tour packages for island hopping, snorkeling, jet skiing around the island etc. The prices among the motels are almost the same, so pick one which you feel confident of and enjoy Langkawi.

Our stay for the night...
Our stay for the night…

After negotiating with the owner, he offered us the price of RM 80/night. That is quite expensive actually, considering the fact that this motel looks and feels a little bit run down. The lights in the toilet were broken down and it is far from the main beach. But as there were no other available places, and I personally did not want to spend RM 100+ for accommodation, we settled for the price.


Always book early for accommodation even for a quick weekend getaway to avoid disappointment.

Then, after checking in, we went to Pantai Cenang area for dinner, at a stall named Restoran Kampungku, the only stall that was still opened at 1.00 am. After dinner, we straight ahead went to bed awaiting for tomorrow…

Dinner for the night...
Dinner for the night…





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    • Senang bro. Tapi ada yang berbukit2 sikit lah. Tapi, jalan tak sibuk sangat. Kat tempat bukit tu, Kalau bawak manual, kadang2 enjin mati gak. haha

      • haha oraite.. ingat plan nak pergi sane jugak. Dah berzaman tak jejak kaki kat langkawi.

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