Visit Malaysia: Langkawi, the Jewel of Kedah [Part 4]

Visit Malaysia: Langkawi, the Jewel of Kedah [Part 4]



Upon hitting the road, we continued our journey to Gunung Matchincang, where the Langkawi cable car is situated. Both of us are not familiar with the roads in Langkawi and it was my first time ever driving in Langkawi. And it was my first time driving a manual transmission car since I received my driving licence.

So, we just followed the signboard. One of the famous/hard-to-miss landmark that you will pass is the Telaga Harbour, which is the docking place for the yachts.

Tips to drive to Gunung Matchincang from Pantai Cenang:

Jalan Pantai Cenang – Jalan Kuala Muda – Jalan Pantai Kok – Jalan Teluk Burau – Jalan Telaga Tujuh

You've arrived at the right place when you see this signboard. Park inside for your convenience.
You’ve arrived at the right place when you see this signboard. Park inside for your convenience.

My last visit to Langkawi before this trip was in 2006. Back then, I did not have the chance to ride the cable car because my dad’s friend’s wife was pregnant. So, I make it a point to ride the cable car for this trip, by hook or by crook.

The entrance to the Oriental Village...
The entrance to the Oriental Village…

The cable car is located inside the Oriental Village. The Oriental Village is nice. Looks akin to the Colmar Tropicale in Pahang. They purposely built this place to look like some kind of a village, with a Chinese, Arabic, Japanese feelings in it.

There are a few attractions in the Oriental Village apart from the cable car. There are the amphibian boat, horse riding and segway ride.

There were a lot of people here when we arrived and we were walking under the hot scorching sun to find the ticket booth for the cable car but soon after, we found the ticket booth for the cable car.

The ticket price for the cable car...
The ticket price for the cable car…

The normal ticket price for the cable car ride is RM 30.00 for return trip from Base Station to Top Station. However, Malaysians with MyKad will get half price i.e. RM 15.

After we paid for the ticket, we received the ticket, which is actually a hard plastic ticket [like the Touch n Go card]. Upon giving the ticket to the gate keeper, we had to go upstairs to line up for our turn to get into the cable car.

On my way up, I was disappointed to know that the skybridge connecting 2 peaks of the mountain was closed for maintenance. I really wanted to try and walk on the skybridge. Might be a good reason for me to come back here. 😉

Skybridge was closed [February 2013]
Skybridge was closed [February 2013]


  • Check the weather before coming here as the cable car will be closed if the wind is strong.
  • There is an express ticket where you can get into the cable car early by cutting the queue. But you have to fork out some money for the ticket and it is not worth it. Here is the trick:
  • If you travel in a group, while lining up, don’t act like you are in a group. Act like you are travelling alone/with a friend. Sometimes, the people manning the cable car will need an extra /2 persons to fill in the cable car [it must be 6 people in a cable car to make it more stable]. So, if they ask you, you might get the chance to beat the line! 😉

Whilst waiting for the line, we were near the express lane when the girl manning the cable car asked us, how many people were with me. When we said that it was only the 2 of us, she asked us to follow the express lane and voila!

We were next in line to ride the cable car, baby!
We were the next in line to ride the cable car, baby!

Was it fun to be in the cable car? Yes! Was it scary? Absolutely yes! This cable car is one of the scariest cable cars that I’ve ever been in. It is hanging above a dense jungle, heading to the peak of a mountain. It was crazy!




6 Replies to “Visit Malaysia: Langkawi, the Jewel of Kedah [Part 4]”

  1. dah beberapa kali pergi langkawi, frankly speaking TAK PERNAH pergi cable car ni, and paling sedih dataran lang pun tak pernah pegi haha. it is because just pergi melawat nenek & sedara mara kat sana je..

    1. Wahh.. untunglah ada sedara mara kat Langkawi. Hehe. Boleh jalan2 free tak payah sewa kereta. Hehehe. Ekceli ni pun first time naik kereta kabel ngan pergi dataran lang. sebelum2 ni pergi ngan family, tak pernah pun! haha

  2. Are you sure the cable car need the max capacity for stability purpose? I think more like “tak nak rugi” and cut down on the queue kan heh!

    1. I think so… Hahah.. Sebab dia suruh penuhkan jugak… Or maybe dia tengok line panjang kot? Haha. Because sebelum masuk cable car tu, kena beratur kat tempat ada numbering 1-6. kalau ada kosong, dia akan tarik org. hehe

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