Batu Caves is one of the major attractions in Malaysia, situated in the Gombak district in the state of Selangor, about 13 km north of Kuala Lumpur.  It is a hill which has several caves and it is well-known as a Hindu temple where thousands will throng the place for the annual Thaipusam celebration.

The path leading to Batu Caves main entrance...
The path leading to Batu Caves main entrance…

The major attractions at Batu Caves are the Hindu temples, which are built inside the cave.

One of the shrines in Batu Caves.
One of the shrines in Batu Caves.

As this temple was built in honour of Lord Murugan, one of the deities in Hinduism, the temple administrators had constructed the world’s tallest Lord Murugan statue, standing 42.7 metres high. This statue can be seen as one drives on the MRR2 Highway.

The tallest Lord Murugan statue in the world.
The tallest Lord Murugan statue in the world.

In order to reach the cave, one has to climb 272 concrete steps. But worry not, we can stop whenever we want to. It is not like we have to climb all the steps non-stop! 😉

272 steps are....not so easy!
272 steps are….not so easy!

There are a lot of monkeys at Batu Caves, especially from the Cynomolgus Monkey family. Be careful when you are near them. They can be violent at times! The general rule is, NEVER feed them.

Batu Caves is amazing on its own. It is believed that the limestone forming the caves aged 400 million years old. These are some of the views inside the Temple Cave:

For those who wants to explore the other side of the Batu Caves system, can opt for the Dark Cave Tour. The Dark Cave entrance is situated before the main entrance of the Temple Cave. It has 2 types of tours: Educational and Adventure. More info can be read here:

The entrance to the Dark Cave...
The entrance to the Dark Cave…

So, if you happened to be in Malaysia, have a visit to Batu Caves!

More Info:

Entrance: Free (RM 2 for car parking if you drive).

Nearest train: KTM Komuter, Batu Caves station.

Other facilities: Restrooms, vegetarian restaurants, souvenir shops.

-Photos above taken during my visit on 20th July 2013-



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    • Haha. It’s never too late to go there. I went there after I’ve passed my quarter-life age. Hahaha

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