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I went back to the room and changed to the t-shirt that the Legend Cherating Resort had provided. A black t-shirt, stating ‘The Pirates of Cherating‘. Pirates? Yes, that was the theme for our main dinner tonight!

The Pirates of Cherating...
The Pirates of Cherating…

I walked towards the beach side passed the pool because the dinner tables were set up there. I was so eager to see what they had for us in store because the setting up was cool. I mean, they decorated the place with all kinds of pirate-y decorations.

The main entrance to the dinner area :D
The main entrance to the dinner area 😀

On the tables, they had the lamps, the golden coin wrapped chocolates and they even had a box of treasure nearby the entrance to the dinner. All the guests wore the black ‘Pirates of Cherating’ t-shirts and it was something that I had never experience before. I mean, a Pirate-themed dinner? Come on, that’s something new!

Even the tables are decorated to make em' feel more pirate-y.
Even the tables are decorated to make em’ feel more pirate-y.

The food presentation was different. I mean, normally for the food presentation during dinner at any hotel, there would be fire involved and a lot of people bringing in the food.

But here, as it was a buffet pirate-themed dinner, they had a drama where a pirate was being chased by a guy and after the chasing drama and a bit of sword-fighting scene, 2 guys carried a lamb on a stick to be grilled at the grilling area.

The actors for the food presentation. Turned out the pirate in red was the MC for the night.
The actors for the food presentation. Turned out the pirate in red was the MC for the night.

As for the food, they provided us with a lot of seafood (including lobsters!) and Western plus Asians food. I had about 3 rounds of eating session because I love the grilled seafood, especially the lobster. 😀

Lamp for the pirates.
Lamp for the pirates.

Whilst having the dinner, they had performances by the resident artist as well as by Iqwal Hafiz, a new artist in the entertainment industry. And ‘thanks’ to FF, RaW, Jeff and Eric, I was called up to the stage by Iqwal to dance to the music of M. Daud Kilau. Haha. -_-” It was fun but at the same time it was a disaster. I mean, M Daud Kilau would be sad looking at me dancing in such way. Hahaha.

Before the failed 'Goyang Gerudi'. ;p
Before the failed ‘Goyang Gerudi’. ;p

It was a nice dinner and the idea of a themed dinner was brilliant.

Apart from Pirate themed dinner/party, they have other themes such as:

  • Rockers Night
  • Safari Night
  • Fisherman Night
  • Beach Party
  • Garden Party
  • Casino Royale
  • Pirates Night
  • Wild Wild West
  • Jungle Night
  • Arabian Night
  • Other themes

Price: RM 190++/person

Some of the travel bloggers involved in this media trip...
Some of the travel bloggers involved in this media trip…

After the performances, the countdown ceremony for Visit Malaysia 2014 was officiated.

Fellow 'pirates' after the officiating ceremony... ;D
Fellow ‘pirates’ after the officiating ceremony… ;D
And this is how it looked like from the pirates' side :D
And this is how it looked like from the pirates’ side 😀

The Legend Cherating Resort also provides a honeymoon package for lovebirds which includes a romantic candle light dinner by the beach. Before our dinner started, a couple had the candle light dinner and it was soooo nice! Maybe I should have a candlelight dinner with my partner here, no? 😉

A romantic candle light dinner :)
A romantic candle light dinner 🙂

All in all, we had a very nice experience during the dinner. Has our night ended? No, it was still early and one of the organizers had something unplanned for us. ;D



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    • Haha. They were the staff. Ok I will korek my photo album to find the other fellow pirates. Hahaha

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