Previously – Part 3


Soon after dusk, we decided to have seafood dinner as since we left the Peninsula, we were told by our friends “You must try the seafood in KK! They are cheap weyh!“. How cheap, I have no idea because I rarely eat seafood especially with my allergies to seafood with shells. But better try than regret right?

So, we fetched Dayang, our local friend from her house and off we go to Welcome 100% Seafood Restaurant. This restaurant is situated at Asia City, which is near to SJK(C) Chung Hwa, Kota Kinabalu.

Welcome! 100% seafood!

The restaurant is huge! We could see it from one end to another. But it was a lil’ bit strange because some of the tables and chairs are red while others are green/blue. We asked Dayang and she told us that the green/blue tables and chairs are the pork-free outlet.

Fresh seafood! Well, at least they are not dead… yet.

We were starving. We did not know what to eat. So, we went to the aquariums and did surveys, to choose which unfortunate seafood are going to be sacrificed to feed our hunger. Us being predators but at the same time on budget, we looked carefully at the price tag before choosing. ;p

Finally, after choosing the victims and choosing how to cook them, these were what we had:

Clam cooked with ginger.
Sweet sour crappie fish.
Deep fried calamari!
Butter lobster.
The whole set! 🙂

All in all, the food was okay. For me, there were nothing out of the ordinary or spectacular about the food, except that they were fresh before being consumed and digested by our tummies. But I must admit, the lobster tasted quite nice, and it was my first time eating a lobster.

No comment. ;p

Price-wise, we spent a total of about RM 230 for the whole meal. [RM 115/person] and most of it were courtesy of the lobster. Haha. I did not know whether it is considered as cheap or not because I have never eaten this kind of meal before.

And this is a pork-free restaurant. So, people drinking were aplenty. If one feel not comfortable, try look for other seafood restaurants. 🙂

Welcome 100% Seafood Restaurant

Lot G15-18, Ground Floor
Kompleks Asia City
Phase 2A, Jalan Asia City
88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah 
Tel: 088 – 447866 


Our night did not end here. I thought it was still too early to hit the bed, so we decided to drive to Tanjung Aru and went for the dessert session, courtesy of Dayang. We just followed the signboard of Tanjung Aru until we reached the food court area.

Anjung Perdana, Tanjung Aru.

I went around the food court just to see what they were selling. There were people selling ABC, Cendol, ice blended juice, finger foods and coconut drinks. Dayang bought us a big glass of fresh mango juice and an ABC Fruit. Luxurious much!

ABC Fruits. This was RM 4.00.
And this was so refreshing!

We had a chat whilst sipping and eating through the desserts; talking about our life, experience, past memories, works. It was good to catch up with Dayang after almost 2 years of not meeting each other.

Around 12 midnight, as it was getting late by Kota Kinabalu standard, we sent Dayang home and went back to the hostel, ending our first day in KK, feeling stuffed, with food.



To Be Continued – Part 5



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