Faith in his life…

Faith does not mean to adhere to a religion per se. It is more than that. Faith is a complete trust or confidence in someone or something.

To put your trust – that is faith…

On my recent #TSBreakAway journey, I encountered a personal moment that justify faith. How faith established a place in a foreign land. How faith changed a person and changed his world. 

Built on the tenet of trust…

It is amazing to know that having faith that Thailand and Malaysia are close neighbours, the late Father of Independence, Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra,  gave a grant for the building of Wat Chetawan in the 1950s.

Everything is possible when we have faith…

It is because of faith, Wat Chetawan becomes the first Thai Buddhist temple in Petaling Jaya with the finest Thai temple architecture in a foreign land.

Because of faith, the impossible can become possible…

It is also because of faith, Mr. Sawai left his family in Bangkok and serves this temple as a monk for 18 years. Don’t you miss Bangkok and your family, Mr Sawai? With decent English, he said: “Of course I miss them and Bangkok. But I am here to serve the people“, while teaching his protégé monk certain rituals.

Faith brought this man here for 18 years…


Faith changed people – for some like Siddharta Gautama, he chose faith over power

Some may have lost their faith on this motherland. Some think that the over development in the Klang Valley is beyond saving.

But look at how majestic the temple is because of faith. How Mr. Sawai is staying strong because of faith.

I’m coming up only to show you’re down for
And coming up only to show you’re wrong.

To the outside, the dead leaves lay on the lawn
For they don’t have trees to hang upon.

Sometimes, what we need is faith; that things are going to be alright.


Thai Buddhist Chetawan Temple

Address: Jalan Pantai 9/7, off Jalan Gasing, Seksyen 9, 46000 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Tel: +603-7955 2443


Thank you to Tourism Selangor for organizing the event, Canon for the camera loaned to me, Mr. Sawai for his cooperation in being interviewed and filmed, temple’s staff, and each and everyone who had contributed to the awesome experience. Check out for further info.

-This is entry #4 for #TSBreakAway-

-This is also an entry for the CANON Photo-Storytelling Challenge-



  1. Hey Khai, do you want to include this for the Canon’s challenge as well since this is also based on your Day 3 Trail. Apart from that, I do like the topic faith – it’s also the one thing that made me pull through for this program despite all the obstacles.

    Btw, I hope in the future, someday maybe you’d also tell us what your conversation with Mr. Sawai was all about. I feel like there’s something there that’s worth telling 🙂

    • After thinking bout it, yeah, I decided to include this for the challenge. Haha.

      I believe that faith is all we need when what we hoped for is not viable. I mean, looking at the condition of this beloved country of ours, I think I still need to have some faith in her. 🙂

      And yeah, I will Dian. Indeed there is 😉 But I will save that for the future. Thanks for dropping by!

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