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Day 2: 5/7/13

The sunrise was early. At 6.00 am, it was already bright at Kota Kinabalu. Akmal and I were up too because we were very excited. We were going to the Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park! It is one of the parks under the authority of Sabah Parks. After having a free cup of instant coffee at the hostel, we drove  to the Jesselton Point, which is the ferry terminal at Kota Kinabalu.

Direction to Jesselton Point from the Hostel…

It was an easy drive, and a fast one. Since it was still early in the morning [by my standard… hehe], we parked beside the Royal Malaysian Custom’s building. Yes, I admit. I was supposed to pay for it, but I did not. ;p.

Boats docking at the Jesselton Point Ferry Terminal

Upon entering the Ferry Terminal building, a lot of counters welcomed us there. So, we just have to choose one. We walked from one counter to another, apparently, the prices are almost the same.

“Come, come, buy the ticket with us!”. No, it was still early and it was so quiet. Most of the counters were still closed. ;D

Finally, we chose Sunny Rainbow Travel & Tours over another operator which had opened its counter. We decided to island hop to 3 islands i.e. Pulau Manukan, Pulau Mamutik and Pulau Sapi. Together with snorkeling equipment’s rental [mask and life jacket] and the mandatory terminal charge, we were charged RM 100.40 for 2 persons.

Total charge for the day.

We waited at the terminal for others to come. Whilst waiting, I noticed that the terminal also provides services to Labuan and Brunei. Oh, if only I have a longer leaves, I would definitely want to try the ferry service to Brunei! Further info of the service can be found here.

Around 8.30 am, the boat was ready and after collecting the snorkeling masks and life jacket, off we went to the first island, Pulau Sapi!

Reaching the Pulau Sapi jetty.

En route to Pulau Sapi, I saw a lot of styrofoam food containers and water bottles floating on the water. I felt so sad because the water is so clear and rubbish was not supposed to be floating on the ocean water. My guess was that it came from the stilted house nearby. I don’t know. I hope the authorities will make sure that the cleanliness of this precious place is their utmost priority.

Less than 10 minutes later, we found ourselves to be at the jetty of Pulau Sapi [Cattle’s Island in Bajau Language]. Our impression was “Whooooaahhh!” because the water is so damned clean and clear, and fish can be seen swimming freely in the water. Never before I encountered such a nice view in my whole life.

Isn’t this beautiful?

Before alighted, the boat operator asked us how long do we intend to spend at the island. We told him 2 hours, so he will come back 2 hours later.

Please inform the boat operator, otherwise, you will be left there. ;p

After the arch welcoming us to Pulau Sapi, there is a counter where every visitors need to pay RM 3.00 as the conversation fee. Different fees will be imposed for other activities such as camping overnight etc.

Conservation Fee

Nevertheless, as stated in the ticket, kindly keep it if you intend to enter other parks within the authority of Sabah Parks, or else you will have  to pay RM 3.00 again.

We tried to locate an empty bench and after we found one, we put our belongings and started to wander around.

Please be careful…

Then, we wanted to wear the snorkeling mask. However, it was our first snorkeling ever, and none of us have any idea on how to wear it. After several attempts, we found our way. 😀

Just put the mask over your face, cover your nostrils with the nose cover and bite the mouthpiece.

The place was empty except for a few people who arrived from the 1st boat trip. It was heaven! And for  the first time, I could see fish swimming WITH ME especially the clown fish (Finding Nemo fish, as we called it).

Soon, people started swarming the place. But still, it was not that crowded.

People started coming to snorkel / sunbath / relax…

Did I mention that the water is crystal clear?

Crystal clear water…!

One of the best thing I love about Pulau Sapi, apart from the water, is the wide sandy beach. It is definitely perfect to just lie down and read a book or two! 🙂

Reading, sunbathing, picnicking, perfect for all!

We snorkeled, rested, snorkeled, rested, until we realized, the 2 hours period that we promised the operator was almost up.

Happy Akmal. Haha. See how clear the water is!

Soon, we packed our belongings and waited at the jetty.


To Be Continued – Part 6


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