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A few minutes later, the boat arrived. Off we went to the second island, Pulau Manukan [Chicken Island in Bajau Language]!

On the way to Manukan Island.

The island is not very far from Pulau Sapi. Only a few minutes of boat ride and we arrived at the island. Again, the boat operator asked us, how long do we want to spend at the island. “2 hours“, we said as we think 2 hours would be more than enough to snorkel at this island.

The tour boat operator explaining to Akmal about the condition of the corals at Pulau Manukan.

The blue/green water greeted our arrival at Pulau Manukan. It is a very beautiful place, looks very calming. As soon as we arrived, one of the tour boat operators explained to us “Kalau mau snorkelling, bulih di kawasan yang ada pelampung. Sana itu cantik, coralnya masih elok. Sini banyak sudah mati [If you want to snorkel, you can do so at the area marked with the floating balls. That side is more beautiful, the corals are still good. Most corals at this side had died]”, whilst pointing to the good spots to spot corals.

Fish swimming at Pulau Manukan.

Indeed, when we looked from the jetty, the area closer to the beach had a lot of died corals, most probably due to the fact that they were stepped on by the snorkelers. The area further from the beach still has a lot of living, healthy corals.

Please don’t step on the corals. If you can’t swim, float by using the life jacket.

As we had the conservation fee ticket from the visit to Pulau Sapi, we did not have to pay again. So,we just showed our ticket and they allowed us to enter into the island.

I was so damn hungry. I knew that food on the island must be expensive and we actually did not bring any snacks or even mineral water for the trip. Luckily, there is a cafeteria on the island and I did not care, I still want to eat. LOL. Ended up, I paid RM 7 for the food and RM 3.70 for the iced Nestum. Try the iced Nestum, it was actually quiet good.

My RM 7 lunch. Yeah, rice, chicken and fried egg. x_X
And my RM 3.70 iced Nestum.

When my tummy is happy, I will be more than happy to do anything. So, we put on our snorkeling gears and went snorkeling at the designated areas.

One of the designated areas to snorkel.

As compared to Pulau Sapi, Pulau Manukan has its own resort for travellers to spend a night or two. Or even a week. The marine life is also better than the one in Pulau Sapi, where we spot a lot of fish and corals under the water. However, I like the beach at Pulau Sapi better. It is whiter and softer.

The beach at Pulau Manukan…

It is better to snorkel here. The beach also has more shades to laze around, but I still prefer the whiter Pulau Sapi’s.

Pulau Manukan, recommended for snorkeling.

We snorkeled as if we owned the island until we realized, the 2 hours period was almost up. So, we readied ourselves to board the boat again.


To Be Continued – Part 7


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