Previously – Part 6


When the boat arrived, we headed to the third and final island for our island hopping tour today, Pulau Mamutik, or Duck Island in the Bajau language.

Welcome to Mamutik Island!

As we were already tired after snorkeling at two islands, we did not really want to snorkel here. After all, this island seems to be smaller than the other two.

As we walked pass the entrance, we saw that this island has an old cemetery. We were like “Wow!” as most visitors were relaxing near the cemetery as if it doesn’t exist.

Burial ground for early settlers of the island.

As compared to the other two islands we went earlier, this one is definitely smaller. The water, though still crystal clear, does not have many fish and corals as in Pulau Manukan. But it felt more relaxing here, with people lying on the beach, sleeping or reading books.

The beach at Mamutik Island.

Initially, I thought of just relaxing on this island while waiting for the boat to return and fetch us two hours later.

Relaxing on the beach.

But when I saw Akmal happily snorkeling in the water, I joined the fun!

Clear water, but not so many fish around.

At Pulau Mamutik, the designated snorkeling area is also small. Basically, it is just confined to the area near the jetty.

The designated snorkeling area…

As I was snorkeling with Akmal, we saw the dark clouds coming nearer and nearer towards us. We hope that it won’t rain while we are still on the island. It was tiring snorkeling for 6 hours! LOL. Later, I decided to just relax on the beach.

Lazing around on the beach.

2 hours later, the boat came to fetch us and bring us back to Jesselton Point. We looked back when the boat started moving and we saw something following us. The dark clouds! The clouds followed us as we left at around 3.00 pm and midway, the rain fell, heavily.

When we reached Jesselton Point, we ran to our car, parked beside the Customs building.

It rained heavily on our way back to the main island.

From afar, I saw something on the windscreen. I didn’t want to believe what I saw at first. But we still have to believe it. It was a parking  ticket. Were we being summoned for parking without paying there?

Turned out, in Kota Kinabalu, they don’t use the prepaid coupon system as practiced in Shah Alam or some part of KL. They use the post paid system where they will punch a hole on the ticket every hour, and when you see a guy wearing a vest, you pay the parking fees to him.


To Be Continued – Part 8



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  2. wuihhh indahnya dan sangat beautiful sekali situasi alam disana, sangat menyukainya dan itu adalah anugerah tuhan.

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