Slackers. The first thing that will come to everyone’s mind is a person who avoids work or effort. But is it true that every slacker avoids effort? What if I tell you that slackers are among the people who put A LOT of effort. Do you believe me?

Well, trust me. I have met them.

My journey to meet them started early in the morning. The meeting point to meet these slackers was at the Gua Damai Extreme Park, Selangor. As it is close to the Batu Caves KTM Komuter Station, and the fact that I have never ride a Komuter train to the Batu Caves station [last station on the red line], I chose the train this time.

Early morning KTM Komuter train heading towards Batu Caves.

I went there as a participant of the #TSDayOut program, a program by Tourism Selangor in which they invite bloggers and/or those interested to explore what Selangor has to offer.

#tsdayout by Tourism Selangor

As soon as I arrived at the Batu Caves station, I met Jeff and Anis, who were waiting for me and at the same time waiting for Dian to fetch us there.

Apart from walking, which is quite far, the best way to go to Gua Damai Extreme Park from the Batu Caves station is by taxi. After alighting from the train, take the right exit and taxis are lining up there. But remember, turn on the meter!

When we arrived at the Park, we saw a lot of people had already arrived.

The cave at the Gua Damai Extreme Park

After donning the official t-shirt, we were greeted by one of the slackers, Helena Foo.

Helena gave us crash course on slacklining

She is one of the slackers under the Slackline KL. Slackline, as in slacklining.

Never heard of it? Well, you are not alone. Let me be frank. Before #tsbreakaway, I don’t even know what slackline is. And yes, I have always thought that slackers are lazy people. But I am wrong. Most of us are wrong. Thanks to Juan, we discovered this small, but growing community of slackers.

What is slacklining actually? According to Wikipedia, it is like a webbed rope and a narrow trampoline. For me, it is like a narrow rope which can sustain weight up to 3000kg, where slackers will walk from one end to another, or perform tricks on it [tricklining].

Kanmani showing her skills on the slackline

It looks easy, right? But trust me, it does not at all. ‘Slackers are people who put a lot of efforts’ really make sense. They do put a lot of effort.

A lot of effort and patience is needed

Normally, people slackline by stretching the slackline between poles, trees, cliffs, or anything which can sustain it from one end to the other. Here, they strung it between two trees. Nevertheless, great care was taken to the trees by putting a layer of protection to avoid abrasions to the trees.

Protective layer.

These slackers set up several slacklines for us participants to try out. The organizers had also organized several team building challenges for us to compete against each other.

These two participants trying to balance themselves while seating on the slackline

Everybody was shaking and wobbling non-stop the first time [and many times to come] as we tried to set foot on the slacklines.

Helping (and supporting) each other, is the key to success 🙂

I wonder how many attempts and failures did Hakimi, one of the Slackers from Slackline KL group, had to endure before he can master this sport?

Slackline is a very good activity for everyone, actually. Apart from strengthen the core and learn to balance ourselves, slackline also teach us to be patient and to not giving up.

One of the participants who actually managed to walk successfully on the slackline after a few tries!

There is one quote I found regarding slackline from Anonymous.

Life is one long slackline.

Indeed it is. In life, we fell, and we got up. Again and again. Things might look hard, but actually they are doable.

Base jump at the extreme park.

Slackline, from one end to the other looks easy. Looks so near. But to reach the end of the line, it takes time. It takes several attempts and several falls, before we can successfully reach the end without falling. That is life. And that is how I see slackline.

It is the climb~

So, thank you to Juan and Tourism Selangor for introducing us all to this exciting activity: Slacklining.

I did say earlier on that meeting the slackers is a journey, right? It was a long journey. After the activity, we headed for lunch at Restoran Dapur Elly Scha, a newly opened restaurant at the neighbourhood.

Dapur Elly Scha.

Situated near Pappa Rich, we tried their signature dish, which is a fried rice with fried egg, tempura prawn, chicken padprik and fries. Bloated! 🙂

The signature dish.

After lunch, Anis, Jeff and I proceeded to take the LRT from the Gombak station, which is the last station on the Kelana Jaya line. Jeff and I were asleep in the train, whilst Anis kept herself awake, to make sure that we will alight at our respective stations. I was the last one to alight among us three.

Alighted at the last station of the KTM Komuter line, boarded the LRT Kelana Jaya line at its first station, Gombak.

As it was quite some time since I took the Rapid KL buses, I planned to ride on one. Anis told me, “You can sleep in the bus later on”. Was she right? No!

Walking to the bus stop.

I had to stand up for another 20 minutes or so, looking at the traffic jam on the Federal Highway before finally securing a seat. And finally, I got to doze off.

No standing area. But this guy wants to stand, so he covered the word ‘No’. Ok, just my theory. lol

That was a journey.


Interested to join or try slacklining?

Checkout Slackline KL @ They normally set up slacklines at the Kiara Park every Saturday. For more info:

Helena Foo | +6 012 698 1368 | |


For Gua Damai Extreme Park, visit here.


Thank you Tourism Selangor for organizing #tsdayout and to Slackline KL for the awesome experience!


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    • Yeah, me too actually. Before I joined the activity, I didn’t even know it exists! Hahaha

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