Previously – Part 7


The skies were gloomy. It was very dark in Kota Kinabalu. It rained heavily that we felt like going back to the hostel and sleep. But no. I don’t want to get bitten by bedbugs in the afternoon! But, we did not really have a plan after the snorkeling trip.

Wandering in Kota Kinabalu…

So, with the rental car and road signboards [yeah, we did not even bother to get a map or switch on the GPS… ;D], off we went driving without any destination in mind.

Where did we went to? Well, just driving around, seeing the scenery along the way, faced the traffic jam, stopped when I was sleepy and to take photos. A literal definition of free and easy 😀

We drove up north and went back to the city centre afterwards
We drove up north and went back to the city centre afterwards

First stop was the museum. The museum is located on Jalan Muzium, on top of a hill near the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. We were driving along Jalan Penampang and the Hospital was on our right when we saw the signboard showing  the direction of the museum on the left.

Sabah State Museum

Unfortunately, the museum was closed when we arrived. We just walked outside the museum and had a look at the outdoor exhibition.

Admission Fee:

Malaysian – RM 2

Non-Malaysian – RM 15

Nice sculpture on the entrance arch.

Sabah Museum is quite big actually. According to the layout plan of the museum, the museum has a main museum and several other specialized museums. It is a big museum complex.

Old canons on exhibition…

Even the design of the main museum is unique. Not a typical colonial-built building like other museums in Malaysia, totally a different design.


There is also a wooden boat, donated by a woodcrafter to the Museum. The crafted wood is very beautiful. Honestly, I can’t see myself in the woodcrafter’s position. It requires a lot of patience for sure!

Nicely handcrafted

It was still raining as we left the Museum’s compound. “Jom makan! | Let’s eat!“, I told my bestbuddy, Akmal. But, we did not know where to eat. And we did not know what to eat. We exited the Museum’s gate and was shocked to see a long line of cars waiting for their turn to pass the traffic light in front of the Hospital.

Suddenly, I saw a row of shop houses on the opposite side of the road. And I saw a restaurant in the middle of the shop houses. My eyes caught the banner, which reads “Nasi Katak | Frog Rice”.


Eh, wait… “nasi katak?”


To Be Continued – Part 9



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  2. how sad that you didn’t get to enter the museum..for me, it’s definitely one of the best museums in Malaysia..

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