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Day 3: 6/7/13

Culture and heritage are things that we can’t buy anywhere. It is either we preserve it, or we lose it for good. If we lose it, there will be no way that we are going to ever gain it back. It is a gone case. Preserve, don’t ruin it.

It was the morning of our third day in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah that we decided to have a visit to one of the heritage sites that Sabah is proud to have. Being a state with the highest peak in South East Asia, it is befitted that Sabah has the 1st UNESCO Heritage Site in Malaysia i.e. the Kinabalu Park, inscribed in 2000.

Our third morning started early. We fetched Dayang from her house at Beverly Hills [Yes, the name of the residential area is Beverly Hills. So Hollywood, no?] and after re-fueling our rented Viva, off we went to Kinabalu Park.

The journey to Kinabalu Park started easy. We had to drive along the normal 2-ways road and the traffic was not very bad. Perhaps it was due to the fact that it was still early in the morning and most KKian were still sleeping.

We saw this signboard on our way to Kinabalu Park.

We read in some blogs which said that the famous Tamparuli Suspension Bridge can be visited along the way as we have to pass the Tamparuli town. We saw a signboard stating the Tamparuli Suspension Bridge and we took some photos there.

So we thought, “Oh this is the famous bridge! Let’s take some photos here!”

Sadly, after our journey, we realized that the one we visited was not the ‘original’ suspension bridge. But we did not mind. At least, we still had a photo with A suspension bridge. 😀

Our journey continued then.

To go to Kinabalu Park is easy, actually. Just drive along the road heading towards Ranau/Kundasang. Look out for the signboards. 

If you see this signboard, you are on the right track. We managed to go to all the places stated on the signboard. And this photo is inspired by Jard. 😀

After the signboard showing Kundasang/Ranau/Kinabalu Park/Poring Hot Spring, the terrain changed. The road is no longer a 2-ways lane, instead it changed to a single lane on each side of the road. The road is ascending and winding.

A very nice morning indeed.

Nevertheless, the scenery was superb. Along the way, thick fog accompanied our journey and the views every time we turned right or left were beyond words. We could see mountains with thick fogs and clouds moving, the greenery of lush forests, the houses of the locals, the churches; they were alien to us. Very alien to Akmal and me.

Lush greenery.

To see the peak of Mount Kinabalu, better arrive early. Ideal time is around 8.00 am. Otherwise, thick fog will cover the whole peak.

Thick fog, thicker than the ones we usually see in Genting Highlands. Amazing!

Somewhere along the way, I shouted to Akmal who was driving the car “Berhenti! Berhenti! / Stop! Stop!“. I saw something very beautiful that I wanted to capture the moment.

Isn’t this beautiful?

Yes, it was a close up view of the peak of Mount Kinabalu. Plus. this is the spot for people to do the highest via ferrata in the world, endorsed by the Guinness Book of World Records [read here]. Looking at the peak of the mountain, I felt so humble. God is great to create such an amazing view.

Soon, we continued our journey to the Kinabalu Park. When we saw that it was only 2 kms away, we were so happy as finally, we were arriving. I was excited too as I would add another UNESCO world heritage site into my list of “Been There, Done That”. Ok, such list doesn’t exist actually. ;p

Any vehicle entering the park needs to pay the park fees. Guess we were lucky for following a van close enough that the gate officer did not ask us to pay anything.

A local porter, carrying the belongings of a climber.

Kinabalu Park is the base for people who intend to climb the highest peak in South East Asia. The usual starting route would be the Timpohon Gate. As we were not climbing, we drove around the park, and did some people watching. It was fun and at the same time encouraging, seeing people getting ready to hike and conquer the peak of Mount Kinabalu. Akmal and me vowed that we MUST climb the mountain soon.


After looking around at the facilities and taking some photos, it was time for us to continue our journey for the day.


To go to Kinabalu Park from Kota Kinabalu, use the road heading towards Ranau/Kundasang. It is an almost all-straight journey from the city without any major junction to turn to. The fee to enter the Park is RM 3 as of July 2013.


To Be Continued – Part 12


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      Ingat ni yang betul. Haha. Takpelah, janji Jambatan Gantung! Haha.

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  3. I don’t know about doing the climb but I most definitely want to visit there when I return to Malaysia! Great photos as well, especially the one y’all stopped for along the way 😀

    • If you have the chance, go climb the mountain. They said it is worth the climb. Yeah man, the view along the way is amazinggg! 🙂

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