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Malaysia is blessed to have a lot of green patches all over the country. When most Malaysians are looking towards other countries when it comes to nature-based travel, sometimes they tend to forget that Malaysia too has such places to fulfill the travel crave.

On our third day of journey in the state of Sabah on the Borneo island, we proceeded to visit the Poring Hot Spring after our visit to the Kinabalu Park. The distance between the Kinabalu Park and the Poring Hot Spring is about 32 kms apart.

Sabah’s motto is “The Land Below the Wind”. Yeah, it is windy and the clouds seem to be reachable by hand. 🙂

After we left the entrance of the Kinabalu Park, whilst driving the car, I smelled something burning. Afraid that something might go wrong with the car, we stopped the car in front of the entrance. Soon, we realized that the burning smell came from the brake pad, due to the constant braking while ascending and descending the mountainous terrain.

Layers and layers of mountains.

We gave the car some rest and walked across the road, looking at the mountains. I closed my eyes and I could feel the breezy air touched my skin as I immersed myself in the beautiful moment.

Kundasang. Clouds, valley, houses. Just like a painting!

Soon, we continued our journey for another 32 km. Along the journey, we had to pass the Kundasang and Ranau towns. These two towns were magnificent. When we passed the Kundasang town, I was amazed to see the town. Normally, I can only see such view on the TV. A town in a valley, sandwiched with green mountains.

We passed people selling vegetables and flowers by the roadside, passed a morning market. Everything seems familiar, but not. There are differences in terms of the feelings, but no words can describe it.


Finally, we reached the Poring Hot Spring and as we did not pay for the entrance at the Kinabalu Park, we had to pay RM 3 for the entrance fee at the Poring Hot Spring.

Pool for rockstars! No, just kidding.

Poring Hot Spring is huge. It is part of the Kinabalu Park and is considered as part of the World Heritage Site. The main attraction here is, as the name suggests, the hot spring. It is a natural hot spring and does not use any artificial way to warm the water.

Meeting mother nature at Poring Hot Spring

There are several pools to cater for different people. The place is also well maintained.

Canopy walk is good for your health.

Nonetheless, we went there not for the hotspring… No. We went there because we [more to I actually ;p] wanted to try the canopy walk. The last time I went to a canopy walk was ages ago, so I really wanted to try it this time. Especially as this particular canopy walk is located in a world heritage site [not that it matters. Haha].

Akmal catwalking on the canopy walk…

I thought it was easy but it was a small challenge actually. Just a little climb and voila! We reached the entrance to the canopy walk. Ok, actually not that little. But it was not that much of a climb either.

There is another ticket counter here as we had to pay another RM 3 for the canopy walk and RM 5 for the camera.

A creature in the park. What insect is this?

After the counter, the canopy walk tour started. As compared to the one I tried in Shah Alam years back, I think the canopy walk at Poring is relatively easier. But the fact that most of the trees here are taller, I had some moment of height-fear too whilst walking on the canopy walk.

Will I come again? Definitely! But next time with a proper bathing attire!

The canopy walk lasted for about 15 minutes less than half an hour. We were just getting more excited with the canopy walk when suddenly, that was it and we were like “Eh, dah habis? / Eh? It’s the end of it?“.

Whilst descending the hill, we were thinking that the journey going up to the canopy walk entrance took more time than the canopy walk itself. Talking about being determined to try something huh? Haha.

Gladly I bought a big bottle of mineral water from the shop opposite the entrance of the Poring Hot Spring before entering the park, otherwise we would all be dehydrated. It was tough too, walking on the canopy walk and balancing myself whilst holding a 1.5 litres of mineral water! But I did it! 😀

We slowly walked around the park after the canopy walk and met mother nature and mingled with her, before we decided to go to the next destination.


To go to Poring Hot Spring from Kinabalu Park, turn left after the Kinabalu Park and go straight. Follow the signboard heading towards Kundasang/Ranau. There will come a point where you will meet a T-junction. Turn left at the junction. The fee to enter the Park is RM 3 as of July 2013.


To Be Continued – Part 13


We are Khai and Amira, Malaysian travel bloggers behind Kaki Jalans. Our travels have taken us to almost all the countries in Asean and several countries in Europe. We are still actively travelling and adding to this list.


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    • Haha. Baru lah telenovela soap opera. 😀 Yeah, a lot of differences causing me and my buddy to explore more of the place.

      You should. Barulah VMY 2014! Hehe

  2. Noel Lau (@wander2nowhere) Reply

    Didn’t know the canopy walk is so short. So was it worth it?

    • Yeah, it is so short. If I am not mistaken, it used to be longer but some parts were closed because it is unsafe anymore.

      It is worth it! Because I love being with nature and definitely, it worth the climb 😉

  3. Really enjoy reading your writing about this place.. i wish can turn the time back.. and went to this place.. it was raining when i was there.. could not even go to Ranau.. so sad..

    • It’s okay, insyaAllah there will be other chance and time to go there again. Meanwhile, keep reading 🙂

  4. Timothy W Pawiro Reply

    Love the scenery there!

    I didn’t get a chance to visit this hot spring, and the canopy walk! There are a lot of things to do in Kinabalu I guess?? I will read more of your post! I’ve already left behind … Yikes! 😮

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