Signboard for KLIA Ekspres at the KL Sentral station. KLIA Transit is on the left, leaving from different departure area.

The Kuala Lumpur International Airport or KLIA is the main international airport in Malaysia built in the 1990s to reduce the congestion in the tiny Subang International Airport [renamed Subang Skypark Terminal now]. Built 60 km away from the Kuala Lumpur city centre, the KLIA is actually not located in Kuala Lumpur but in the district of Sepang in the state of Selangor. Having such distance means that people going to the airport needs a good transport connections to the airport. Apart from taxis and buses, there is a fast way to go to the airport from the city vice versa i.e. via the Express Rail Link [ERL].

The departure area – a virtual extension of the KLIA at the KL City Air Terminal.

The ERL is a very efficient train service if you are catching a flight/rushing into the city or if you love train travels. It is fast, safe and reliable. Not to forget, it is very punctual, something lacking with most Malaysia’s rail transportation today.

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When KLIA2 opens next year, the ERL service will be extended there. So efficient for those travelling on budget airlines!

There are 2 train services under the ERL: the KLIA Ekspress and the KLIA Transit.

The Platforms at KLIA. After passing the gate, take the glass elevator to the 5th floor for departure area.

KLIA Ekspres is the express train service going to and fro KL Sentral station and KLIA non-stop. By taking this train, travelling time between both places is only 28 minutes and rest assured, the trains leave and arrive on the dot. The ticket price for KLIA Ekspres is RM 35/way.

Easiest way to get into the city centre from the KLIA vice versa.

KLIA Transit, on the other hand, is the commuter train service going to and from KL Sentral station and KLIA with 3 stops along the way; Bandar Tasik Selatan [where you can interchange with the KTM Komuter line, Seri Petaling line LRT or express buses going south at the Southern Integrated Terminal – TBS-BTS], Salak Tinggi and Putrajaya. Different fares apply for the stops but if you are stopping at the last station, the price is the same as KLIA Ekspres – RM 35/way. It takes 45 minutes for the whole journey to complete.

Inside the coach.

The coaches of the ERL is very clean and neat. The floor is carpeted, it has a small LCD TV giving info to the passengers and attached lavatory. The seats are comfortable enough and there are places to put your luggage inside the coaches. You can also choose to check-in your luggage at KL Sentral to make things easier. But I am not sure how efficient the service is because I have never checked-in one.

Luggage can be put here.

Did I mention that there is WiFi on board the train? 😉

Although the price is a bit expensive as compared to taking buses [RM 35 as compared to RM 10], but considering the fact that you will reach KLIA in less than half an hour and straight into the airport, after which you can take the elevator to the boarding area at Level 5 of the Airport, I think it is worth a try.

Very clean coaches. And the train is German technology.

Plus, taking the KLIA Ekspres means travelling on the fastest train in Malaysia to date, cruising the tracks at 160 km/h. Yeah, not as fast as the bullet train but that is bullet train and this is a normal standard gauge train.

Easiest way to get into the city from here – The ERL

So, next time you are going to KLIA from the city or going into the city from KLIA, have a ride on the KLIA Ekspress. And if you are in a hurry, take the Ekspres train, not the Transit train. 🙂


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  1. Definitely the fastest option to go to KLIA..I usually take bus to go to the airport as it’s cheaper…

    • I’ve never taken the bus. Normally I drive there. Haha. But had the chance to use the ERL recently, and I was shocked. So fast! Hahaha

  2. I only tried this once. I usually just drive to the airport but its true, it is pretty fast n for those who likes it easy n simple, this is the best mode of transportation to choose to go to klia i think.

  3. very convenient nanti for budget travellers macam kita ni bila KLIA2 bukak kan..!?

    if you are wondering about your hits today and yesterday.. * angkat tangan * it was me!!
    been reading your past entries… hehehhee… and enjoying it…

    • Very sangat convenient doc! 😀

      Yes, I was wondering, and now I know. Haha. Thanks Doc. Tacing kejap! :’)

    • No prob! Nice blog you have there on travelling in Kalimantan and around. Hope I will be there too sometimes! 🙂

  4. Travel with KLIA Ekspress countless of times cause last time when studied in KL, the only option was by taking that. That time, AirAsia hasn’t exist yet. It’s really comfort that I always fall asleep even just for 28 minutes xP

    • Haha. You still can sleep even for 28-mins ride? Wow! Haha. I can’t because the trip was too fast and short one.

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