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A lot of people long to visit New Zealand. Considered as one of the beautiful countries to visit, it is famous for its natural landscape and the dairy farm. Ever since I was a kid, I love to watch advertisement of formula milk such as Fernleaf because the view shown in the advertisement was splendid and they always quoted “From New Zealand”. But if you are under budget to fly to New Zealand, the Desa Dairy Farm in Kundasang, Sabah is a great alternative.

On our 3rd day touring Sabah, after we visited Tamu Ranau, we continued our journey to Kundasang. The signage heading to this farm is almost non existence and we were lost finding our way to the farm. Thanks to one local uncle, he told us that we had already missed the junction to the farm and had to make a U-turn before finding our ways.

The entrance to the Desa Dairy Farm.

The drive to the farm was a tough one. The climb was very steep whilst the road was not tarred. We were afraid that the car’s engine might encounter problem. Gladly, we arrived safely at the farm and the view that welcomed us was spectacular. Exactly like the formula milk’s advertisement!

Green everywhere!

The place is very green with layers of mountains and clouds hovering above us. We went out from the car and the smell of cows’ poops triggered our smell sense. Coupled that with the strong wind, it felt like the cows’ poops were all over our noses! But because of the chilling wind and greenery view, they compensated the not-so-nice smell.

Cows everywhere!

Desa Dairy Farm is famous for its views and fresh milk. Visitors to the farm can go to the factory area and purchase a fresh cow’s milk. They are also the main manufacturer for fresh milk in Sabah.

Black and White cows.

Nevertheless, we did not buy any milk there as milk is just not our cup of tea. Lol. Apart from that, we were more interested in the nice views offered by the farm. So nice that even a couple had their wedding photography here despite the abundance of cows’ poops. I was excited too as it was my first time seeing a black and white cow.

A cow having its lunch.

It was an amazing experience visiting the dairy farm. Where else can we have the chance to see a cow eating the grass close up without being chased? And the sound made by the cows whilst chewing the grass, it all made up to the experience. 🙂

A place to remember.

Although there is an entrance fee of RM 4 per person, personally I think it is worth it. For the view, the calm feelings, the clouds, the mountains, the smell :D!

Akmal and me, enjoying the moment.

Definitely, it is a place to remember.


To go to Desa Dairy Farm, Kundasang, upon reaching the Kundasang town, enter the town and drive passed the Kundasang War Memorial, going straight ahead. Ensure that the fuel and brake fluid is enough as it will be a steep climb. After passing a housing area, have a look out on your left as the dairy farm is located on a hillside on the left side of the road. The fee to enter the Farm is RM 4 as of July 2013.


To Be Continued – Part 15


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  2. Semua best dekat Dairy Farm.. yang tak best ialah di sana.. hope pihak pengurusan boleh tingkatkan kualiti jalan Dairy Farm.. beside that memang tak rugi kan 😀

    • Memang tak rugi sebab pemandangan macam tu bukan dapat tengok kat Semenanjung ni. Tapi, jalan memang kena perbaiki. Teruk bebeno jalannya. Heheeh

    • I’ve never been to NZ but that is what most people said. Haha. Wow, I was in ‘NZ’! LOL. Yeah! Explore Sabah. Unique bro!

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    • Yeah! I love it too! I was mesmerized by the view. Splendid and it is very rare to see such view in the Peninsula.

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    • yeah, I’ve heard a lot about Sabah having a nice farm like NZ, but seeing is believing. The scenery is simply splendid!

      I went there for 4 days ;D

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