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Trassenheide in Germany has its own upside down house, built as an exhibition to let visitors experience how it feels like to live in an upside down world. But most Malaysians are not privileged enough to fly to Germany, considering the fact that the promotional return flight ticket to Frankfurt, about 796 km to Trassenheide, is the same as the bottom 40% of monthly gross household income in Malaysia for the year 2012 [source]. But fret not, as Sabah has its own upside down house, near the town of Tamparuli.

On the way back to Kota Kinabalu from Kundasang.

We were driving back from Kundasang heading towards Kota Kinabalu on the descending and winding road when suddenly, rain fell heavily. Our journey was covered with fog that we had to switch on the lights to ensure that we can see the road and as a warning to others. It was freaking dangerous as we couldn’t see anything, literally.

As we reached the Tamparuli area, we saw the Rumah Terbalik [Upside Down House] and since we planned to visit the house, we turned right as the house is located on the right side when heading towards Kota Kinabalu.

Welcome to the Upside Down House.

As we entered the house, we felt dizzy due to the orientation as everything in the house are upside down too! However, they did not allow visitors to take photos inside, which is a shame as it was awesome to see everything upside down.

The upside down toilet, located outside the house. But this time around, the toilet is normal, it was just me, hanging like a spiderman!

Nevertheless, to satisfy the camwhore-lust of most visitors, they do provide upside down toilet and garden as well as an upside down garage together with an upside down car(!) where you can burst out the inner creativity of photography that you have. Well, at least we had such moments soon after we exited the house before we headed to the cafe to try the coffee there. Hehe.

The place where your life will be turned upside down.

This house is actually a purpose-built house to increase the tourist attractions in Sabah. There is nothing much to be seen, apart from the house itself and the photographs opportunity [which is limited to the compound of the house]. However, if you are looking for something unique, especially since this is the first and only upside down house in South East Asia, do pay a visit as it may trigger your orientation [don’t misunderstand me! Lol] and give you a new perspective of seeing things.


After the visit to the Rumah Terbalik, we were damned hungry and on Dayang’s recommendation, we went to a restaurant called as the Rafflesia Chicken Hut. They have a lot of chicken rice varieties. I tried the Butter Chicken and in my humble opinion, the chicken is a bit too oily for my liking while the rice and the soup is quite okay i.e. nothing extra ordinary.

My chicken rice.

As we reached the hostel, we rested for the night as we had a very long day today, and we packed our things since we were returning to Kuala Lumpur the next day.

Planning to check out the market tomorrow morning before heading back home.


Rumah Terbalik is located near Tamparuli on the main road from Kota Kinabalu heading towards Kundasang. Depending on where you are coming from, either from Kota Kinabalu or Kundasang, it will be on your left or right respectively. The entrance fee is RM 10, as of July 2013.

Rafflesia Chicken Hut is located at  Lot 21, Block B, 1St Floor, Damai Plaza, Luyang Commercial Centre, 88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.


To Be Continued – Part 17


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    • They said it is because of copyright.

      But I don’t really understand what is there to be copyrighted about when even the interior of the upside down house in Germany is shown to public and can be seen when we Google it up.

      As I don’t want to argue about the rational, so we just let it be and accepted their explanation. Haha.

  2. loorr.. ada kopiraite jugak ke. went there last time otw hiking kinabalu..but we all just take pics from the car park. haha..punyala kedekut malas nk bayar…but actually bcoz timing, gotta arrive the park before nite.

    • Itulah. Katanya copyright. Tapi style lah sbb dapat tgk rupa bila semua benda terbalik. But to be honest, I am quite worried that benda2 tu akan jatuh. Hahaha. Price-wise, RM 10 memang agak mahal.

      Tapi fikir positif, bukan senang nak maintain rumah ni, so ikhlaskan hati mohon kemaafan~ Lol!

      I wanna hike Mount Kinabalu!!! Haha. One day I will! Wah, semangat tak! Haha

  3. The reason why they don’t allow photographs to be taken inside is to maintain the mystery of its interior. If they allowed people to take photographs, they might think others will not come anymore after seeing those pictures.

    • Oh really? Maybe that is why they said it is copyright then. Haha. Next time, bring hidden camera lah! Haha

  4. rasanya time pergi dl blom siap rmh ni, but from what my brother told me its not worth it at all for him, sekangkang kera je katanya heh.. but me too.. not into this kind of attraction. btw talking about copyright still remember when i was visiting melaka, ada peniaga dpn stadthuys tu x bg amik gmbr dpn tmpt diaorg berniaga tu..eii tolong la. otak ligat pikir apa la yg nk ‘preserve’ sgt nth…grrr

    • Haha. Pelik jugak kadang2 kan rasional sebalik arahan diorang tu. Well, tempat2 mcm ni sesetgh org anggap tourist trap. Tapi, it depends apa yg kita nk tgk bila pegi satu2 tempat. mcm i sebab curious bila org dok ckp psl rumah ni, nk tgk lah mcm mana rupanya. n actually the price of RM 10 memang agak mahal. hehe.

    • Oh that is awesome because you eat in an upside down environment. But looking at the photos, my ‘Final Destination’ moment emerge: what if the piano…emm.. ok forget bout it. hahaha

  5. went there too and i think rm10 is mahaiii….rasanya rm5 ok dah sebab kecik je sekangkang kucing.

    Masa keluar dari rumah tu pening kepala sekejap.

    • sekangkang kucing betul sangat. lagi kecik dari sekangkang kera ya.. hehehe. RM 10 mahal gak bagi saya. tp tu lah. fikir positif, kononnya oklah kot mahal sebab nk maintain susah. hahaha

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    • worth a visit for the uniqueness but the ticket price is quite steep though. KK is different. You should visit! 🙂

    • Tak ada cakap lah pulak kan.
      Cuba akak try buat lain kali.

      Pastu buat entri: Exposed! Hahaha

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