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DAY 4: 7/7/13

Malaysia and street markets are like nails and fingers. They are connected, cannot be separated. Try to detach your fingernails from your fingers, if you dare. ;D Normally, street markets in Malaysia will be opened at night, hence the name Pasar Malam or Night Market. But on Gaya Street, the market is held every Sunday only from 5.30 am to 1.00 pm.

It was our last day in Kota Kinabalu. We had a flight to catch this morning. So, upon waking up early in the morning, we went to the Gaya Street Market, which, thankfully, was located just below our hostel.

View of the market from our hostel’s window.

It was an amazing view from the hostel’s window. Sounds of sellers calling for customers, musics and people bustling downstairs can be heard from the hostel. I went to the window and was welcomed by views of mostly blue umbrellas, sheltering the sellers from heat and rain.

Gaya Street Market, bustling with people.

We went down to explore what the market has to offer. Normal (street) night market in Malaysia will be a food galore for food enthusiasts. However, at Gaya Street Market, they don’t only sell food, they are selling other things as well.

Chicks, anyone?

There are sellers selling the usual fake or cheap products such as watches, clothing, handbags, shoes. A walk further down the road led us to a booth selling hamsters, birds and chicks! Yes, you can get a chick here. A real one.

Plants for sale.

Some of the sellers were selling plants planted in big vases. I wonder how did they carry all the big plants to the market area. It must be one hell of a task to carry all those plants onto the street.

It was fascinating to see all the different things being sold here and it made me think of their determination to do a business and improve their lives. Whatever things that they can think of, that people will buy, they will sell, as long as they can improve life without doing things unnecessarily.

They didn’t beg, they didn’t do crimes. They open up a business and work hard to achieve a sustainable life. I salute all of them.

Traditional souvenirs.

This is also the place to go if you are looking for traditional Sabah handcrafts. There are plenty of those. Talking about handcrafts, of course there will be a lot of generic Asian souvenirs too, like the wooden beads bracelets [bottom right of the above photo]. So, if you are looking for the real Sabah’s souvenirs, ask the sellers. They will be more than happy to recommend.

Tenom coffee, cheap and from Sabah.

Sabah is also famous for its Tenom coffee beans. Here at Gaya Street Market, we can buy the beans or the grounded ones. There are several types of beans available and the sellers provided samples for us to taste. I did bring back a pack as a gift for my mom.

The market is a big one, covering the whole of Jalan Gaya or Gaya Street. We walked further and made a turn, covering the whole market area before returning back to our hostel to check out.


Gaya Street Market is located along Gaya Street. It opens every Sunday from 5.30 am to 1.00 pm. Go early if you want to avoid crowds.

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To Be Continued – FINALE


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    • Ala, tak jumpa pulak yg tu. Haha. Org jual utk bela ni jual utk makan. Walaweii.. hehe

  2. Menarik. Pernah sekali pergi Pasar Gaya ni. Macam2 nak beli n macam2 juga menda2 yang tak ada kat semenanjung tapi ada dekat sini.

    Thanks for sharing your moment in KK

    • Haha. Aku beli kopi je kat sana. Control temptation nak beli benda pelik2.

      No prob. Thanks for dropping by too bro!

  3. hehe..gaya street market neh. mcm2 org jual..ari tu aku jual cengkerik ke ape tah…yg hidup2 lagik tu..dlm satu kotak..and open. sib baek tak terbang ke ape…

    • cengekerik pun ada?! ok tak perasan. tapi dah macam khao san road dah. macam2 ada jual. tolak yg ping pong ping pong je tak ada. haha

  4. Kesian pulak tengok anak2 ayam berhimpit2 dalam sangkar tu hehehe.. but comel..
    Kopi Tenom.. memang best.. masa di sabah hampir setiap hari minum order kopi tenom 😀

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    • haha.
      total 18 episod semuanya. drama melayu biasala. hahaha.

      alaaa tak ingat ada jumpa tak sebab masa tu jalan n tgk2. banyak sgt benda jual kat sini!

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