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We went back to the hostel, collected our backpacks and checked-out. Dayang was waiting for us in her car. A few metres after we left Gaya Street, I noticed the Court building on the left side of the road. I told Dayang to stop as I wanted to take a photo there. It is not everyday that I got to visit Kota Kinabalu Courthouse. Plus, the design is different. It has a colonial touch, although not as delicate as the one in Ipoh. Funny that it has become kind of habit for me and my friend to take a photo of Courthouse whenever we found them.

Kota Kinabalu Courthouse

Read here for our experience in Phnom Penh, including photo at the Court! [in Bahasa].

After we left the Courthouse, Dayang gave us some kaya toast and kuih that she bought at Kedai Kopi Fook Yuen, one of the famous halal kopitiam in Kota Kinabalu.

The toast is so damn yummy!

The toast was nice. The taste of margarine blend with kaya in between the toast is very rich. I can finish 3 sets anytime. 😀 Initially, we were supposed to go breakfast together but since we spent quite some time at the street market, Dayang decided to pack the breakfast for us instead.

On the way to the Airport, there are rows of houses built on stilts above the sea.

The atmosphere in the car whilst on the way to the airport was different as compared to the moment we first arrived. It was quieter than usual. Perhaps, the feeling that we were going to depart soon was playing in our minds.

Eh, ada keretapi eh sini? Wah, lain kali aku datang sini aku nak try naik tren pulak lah! / Eh, there are trains here? Wow, next time I am here, I wanna try to ride on the train!“, I said,breaking the silence whilst pointing to the railway tracks I saw as we were approaching the airport.

Yes, I make it a point that apart from conquering Mt. Kinabalu, the next time I am here, I must try to ride the train. I read somewhere that the second leg of the train is quite classic. Gotta try it to believe it 🙂

Soon after we arrived at the airport, we checked-in our bags and a box of food-souvenirs to be brought home. I even managed to buy a postcard to be sent to myself from one of the shops in the airport.

Nowadays, everything is about money. Extra cash = extra fun. No cash?


The moment to depart finally arrived. The feeling was strange. I had a funny feeling about it. After having fun together for a few days, especially the road trip to Ranau-Kundasang-Poring, we were again to be separated 1646.36 km apart. We bid farewell and off Akmal and I went into the departure hall.

Yes, West Malaysians must get an exit stamp.

At the immigration counter, we had to return the immigration slip and the boarding pass will be stamped by the immigration officer.

Boats [the white lines] zig zagging at the Tuanku Abdul Rahman Marine Park

Finally, at 9.55 am, the plane took off from the Kota Kinabalu International Airport, leaving behind all the good memories throughout this journey, before reaching the Kuala Lumpur International Aiport at around 12.30 pm.

Brahim’s restocking the in-flight meals for the subsequent flight.

This concludes my Kota Kinabalu travelogue.


Kedai Kopi Fook Yuen is situated on Gaya Street, Kota Kinabalu. They are next to Old Town White Coffee, the next block down from the Jesselton Hotel, across from Hotel Sixty3 (Source: Trip Advisor)

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To Be Continued – Kota Kinabalu: Epilog


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  2. Pergh! Dah finale tapi nanti ada epilog lagi, hahaha! Respek la, 18 entries for KK alone!
    But anyways, yes, I’d love to try the train in KK as well.

    • Haha. Dah terbiasa la bro. Lepas finale mesti ada Epilog. Ngee~

      Tulah, haritu tak sempat. Will definitely try it on my next visit ;))

      Thanks brother RaW!

  3. Hayoo…akhirnya…finally…panjang betul stori mory nya till part 17 tu…jelez sbb naik MAS…JM hanya mampu ngan AA jek

    • hahaha. tulah, telenovela sangat.. hehe

      JM jangan jeles JM. biasa saya naik AA jugak. tapi, kali ni dapat naik MAS sebab MAS lg murah dari AA! haha.

      Return KLIA-KK, excluding beli seat seploh hinggit masa pegi = RM 139! total dengan seat RM 149 siap luggage lagi. haaha.

      kalau tak de promosen tu, tak merasa jugak naik MAS. hehehe

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