Thank You!

Thank You!

Remember in one of my posts that I wrote on my trip to Medan, Indonesia [which was my first trip out of Malaysia] with my family, I bought keychains instead of fridge magnets?


Well, as a fridge magnets collector [collecting on my mom’s behalf], I regretted that I didn’t buy the fridge magnet there.

However, today I feel so happy on receiving something so precious from one of my readers who is also a blogger, Dr Singa! Doc, you made my day 🙂

Check out her blog by the way. She has awesome photos in her blog. She blogs in Bahasa Malaysia but don’t worry too much on that, just ‘read’ the photos!

A new addition to the collection. No more regrets!

Thanks again kak!

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3 Replies to “Thank You!”

    1. Alhamdulillahhh..

      Tulaa.. 3 hari je.

      Tak kesat dah, terus lekat terus. Haha..

      La yekee. Habis akak ada lagi tak ni? Terima kasihhhhh kak! 🙂

      Nanti sakit saya pegi klinik akak k??? heheheh

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