#VMY2014 Instagram Edition: Ramly Burger

#VMY2014 Instagram Edition: Ramly Burger

Hi there! This is part of a series on Visit Malaysia 2014. In conjunction with Visit Malaysia 2014, we will post a photo from our Instagram account, @kairulizwan, which will give you an insight on Malaysia. Come, visit Malaysia, Truly Asia.


Looks messy but this is how a typical Ramly burger looks like.

Burgers are not native Malaysian food but if there is a name that is closely associated with burgers in Malaysia, it must be none other than Ramly. Ramly is a Malaysian brand name for ready-made burger patties, hot dogs and burger buns. They also produced their own wrappers. Recently, they have expanded their business by opening up kiosks at LRT stations and also produced more products under the brand name. The majority of burger stalls operating in the Klang Valley use Ramly products. It used to be RM 1.60 for a beef burger in 1997 but now in 2014, it costs RM 2.80 for the same type of burger. One thing that has not changed since then: the look and the taste.

Do you have any brand name that is closely associated with burgers at your place?

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8 Replies to “#VMY2014 Instagram Edition: Ramly Burger”

    1. Ya, sudah RM 2.80 untuk burger daging biasa!

      Burger kangkung tak ada, tapi kalau ada harganya patut lebih murah sebab kangkung sudah turun harga! 😉

    1. Yeah, I love them too because it is full with the mayo and the sauce and boom! Haha. Yummy! Same as Thai’s tom yam which has spilled over from Thailand 😉

  1. rm1.60? miss those days. back in my hometown..ramly burger that time sold starting rm1.00 okayy (bun, patty, chili sauce & slice of cucumber..LOL)..tabik en ramly

  2. Hmmmm never heard of this burger but I’ve only taken one trip through Malaysia and burgers were certainly not the type of food I was interested in at the time. Will have to check it out next time 😉

    1. Actually it is just a normal burger sold at the roadside stalls. But most vendors use the ‘Ramly’ brand patty. And the way they do the burger is by grilling it and put a lot of sauce and mayo, fried onion and also cabbage.

      If you order a special one, the patty will be covered by a layer of egg! That’s Malaysian style. Haha

      You should check them out 😉

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