Road Trip to Southern Thailand: Hat Yai [Part 3] – Hat Yai Downtown at Night

Road Trip to Southern Thailand: Hat Yai [Part 3] – Hat Yai Downtown at Night

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It is just my style that every time I travel to a new place, I will go out during night time just to see how a place looks like during that time. So, that was what I exactly did after we reached the hotel from Khlong Hae Floating Market. “Ijat, wanna follow me to take a stroll?”, I asked my younger brother, Ijat. “Sure, why not?”, and with his answer, we went out of the hotel room and walked to the downtown area.

Aku kalau keluar travel ke mana-mana memang suka jalan malam-malam. Saja nak tengok macam mana suasana kat tempat orang. Jadi, sampai je hotel, aku ajak adik aku Ijat sama ada dia nak ikut aku jalan-jalan kat pusat bandar Hat Yai. Dia okay, kami pun keluar berdua cari jalan ke pusat bandar.

Hat Yai Downtown area, or the city centre, is slightly different from other city or town centre that we usually see. There is no proper border of where the city centre is. As such, normally the downtown area here is considered the area where the Lee Garden Plaza is, with the McDonald’s and Swensen’s boards visible.

Pusat Bandar Hat Yai ni pelik sikit. Biasanya kita tahu pusat bandar ni dekat kawasan utama macam kawasan perniagaan ke, banyak bank ke, haa macam tulah kan. Tapi, kat Hat Yai ni, pusat bandar dia di kawasan Lee Garden Plaza yang ada hotel tu. Alah, nampak je papan tanda McD dengan Swensen’s, haa itulah tempatnya.

One of the vendors selling the mango sticky rice, one of the famous street food here in Hat Yai.

As I walked with Ijat, we saw a lot of stalls being opened right in front of Lee Garden Plaza. There were people selling fried balls, mango sticky rice, souvenirs and even nasi lemak! We sat at one of the chairs there and ordered an iced tea, which strangely was green in colour.

Aku dan Ijat jalan tanpa arah tuju. Sampai je kawasan Lee Garden Plaza, nampak orang jual bebola goreng, pulut mangga, cenderamata. Dekat kawasan tepi Lee Garden tu, siap ada orang bukak lori lagi jual nasi lemak! Tapi, nasi lemak dia habis, jadi aku dan Ijat order teh ais je. Tapi, pelik sebab teh ais dia warna hijau.

Big prawns! I assumed the price must be big too? Didn’t dare to ask as I was frightened by the size.

We thought of ordering something heavy but the nasi lemak was sold out so we continued walking until we reached one of the lanes with people selling huge prawns with fried chickens and other seafood. Nearby was a lady clad in ‘purdah’/face veil selling mango sticky rice and we couldn’t resist the temptation, we bought one from her.

Dah habis minum, kami jalan lagi. Sampai satu lorong ni, nampak orang jual seafood siap udang besar gedabak dan ayam goreng berempah. Dekat-dekat situ jugak ada kakak pakai purdah jual pulut mangga. Nampak macam baik je, kami pun beli lah satu pulut mangga tu. Dalam THB 50 tak silap harga dia. Hehe.

Mango sticky rice… We fall asleep before we tried this 🙁

We brought the mango sticky rice back to the hotel before we both fall asleep without eating the stuff.

Dah tawaf keliling kawasan downtown, kami pun balik lah hotel. Sekali, sampai-sampai je hotel, dua-dua tertidur tak makan pun pulut mangga tu!


To be continued – Part 4

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    1. Haha. Betul kak, nampak baik je.

      Saya kalau pergi pasar malam kan, ada mind set, nak beli soya, beli kat pakcik pakai kopiah, mesti tak pakai air paip. hahahaha

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