Being humans, I believe it is our nature to love the new ones while forgetting the old ones. While this may not be applicable to everyone, I noticed that every time we have something new, we will tend to forget the old ones. Well, where am I going from here? I don’t know. That is why I call it as a Friday rambling.

Anyway, recently I went on a personal tour to Kuala Lumpur. Whilst walking alone, pretending to be a foreign backpacker while in fact I am a local guy, I can’t help but to notice a lot of buildings in a state of despair. Well, maybe despair is such a strong word for the condition. I shall rephrase my sentence: a lot of buildings are in a state of abandonment.

The abandoned old courthouse in Kuala Lumpur

I love history and architecture, though after high school, I ended up doing nothing related to my two passions. So, when I saw such buildings, I became sentimental; and angry at the same time.

Travellers usually walk beside this building and when they peek inside, this is what they will see.

Last 2 years, when I went to Semarang in Central Java, Indonesia, I went to the Old Town or Oudstadt. There are a lot of abandoned old colonial buildings there. But I understand why. Most Indonesians hated the Dutch who colonized their land and they earned their independence the hard way. So, I was told that after independence, they did not really want to take care of the buildings.

It is different in Malaysia. As a British protectorate, Malaya was not really colonized [or so we were told by a professor from Majlis Profesor Negara?] and theold colonial buildings were mostly being used until the government decided to build new ones replacing them.

It is a shame to let this building to rot.

Take the Magistrates Courts building near Jalan Tun Perak, for example. It was well used by the British then and by us until early 2000s, when the government decided to build a new court complex in Jalan Duta. We were told that the building was acquired by the Ministry of Tourism and bla bla but is the building really being used?

I peeked inside one of the opened doors and can still see the setting of a court room inside this abandoned building!

Well, I don’t think so. I saw with my own eyes its current condition. It is a shame to have such a beautiful building, at the city centre, near public transportation, and close to travellers spots, but is of no use except to admire it from the outside.

So, I think I have a valid reason then to believe that when we have something new, we will forget the old ones.

Don’t you think so?

Happy Friday!



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  1. Good posting. It is really a shame man. We write neither to blame nor to make a flame. But we want to create awareness to our people to safe our old charms in town.

    • Thanks bro. Yeah, we should. And even if a few people read it, at least we can also educate others and make them aware of all this sort of problems, just like your Teluk Intan leaning tower posting.

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