#VMY2014 Instagram Edition: The Hairy One – Rambutan

#VMY2014 Instagram Edition: The Hairy One – Rambutan

Hi there! This is part of a series on Visit Malaysia 2014. In conjunction with Visit Malaysia 2014, we will post a photo from our Instagram account, @kairulizwan, which will give you an insight on Malaysia. Come, visit Malaysia, Truly Asia.


The chilled rambutan flesh.

Being a tropical country in South East Asia, there are a lot of exotic fruits in Malaysia not available elsewhere but native to this region. One of the fruits is Rambutan. Rambutan is like a lychee but distinctively different. The name of the fruit is derived from Bahasa Melayu [the Malay language] and derived from its hairy skin. Rambut is hair in Bahasa Melayu and that is where Rambutan gets its name. Well, that is what I was told. The taste is a mixture of sweet and sour. There is a seed inside the flesh of the fruit which you will need to throw and never to eat as it is inedible. A tip to enjoy Rambutan: peel the skin and put the fruit [as in the photo above] inside the refrigerator. It tastes good when chilled.

What is the name of local fruits unique to your place?

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10 Replies to “#VMY2014 Instagram Edition: The Hairy One – Rambutan”

  1. Durian in my kampung Segamat is only rm0.30 per kilo when the season come. Nothing much to promote about my hometiwn tho, except the king of fruit.

    Rambutan, aku pernah makan rambutan ni mcm makan nasi. Sampai batuk, terus tak suka makan terus. Hahaha

  2. Pergi Pasar Ramadhan kat Kangar last year. Ada Rambutan Goreng! Apakah?! Macam goreng cempedak, goreng pisang… I dint try, taknak spoil my obsession with rambutans 😀

    1. Haha.

      Yang itu, saya pun baru tahu ni. Saya sendiri tak pasti. Sebab tu bila saya makan buah rambutan, mesti ada yang manis dan ada yang masam. ;D

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