No words can describe
What I feel
But for sure it seems
This is real not a dream

Rest in peace, to my dismay
Believe me, we will still pray
Asking Him to make you stay
Close by Him, everyday

Deep in my heart
I still hope
For a miracle to do the job
But pray I will everyday
Though it is hard to swallow and say
Thoughts and prayers during night and day


Tiada kata mampu merungkai perasaan terbuku di jiwa
Dikala aku berduka
Ku pasti mereka lebih terluka

Tenanglah kalian di sana
Doa kami panjatkan
Mohon belas kasihNya

Harapan masih ku pendam
Doa masih belum terpadam


My deepest condolences, thoughts and prayers to the family and friends of the passengers and crews of flight Malaysia Airlines MH370, KUL to PEK.

8 Replies to “#MH370”

    1. Yes, I understand. Because there is no concrete evidence that is why it is hard for some of families to accept it. But I still hope that some kind of debris will be found, at least the incident will not be a mystery forever and there will be some kind of concrete closure to it.

      I really hope for that. It is a sad and tragic day for everyone. 🙁

    1. Same here with me.

      Still hoping for some sort of miracle. After all, there is no concrete proof yet right?

      But wherever they are, I pray that they are in good hands or in God’s hand. :'(

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