Malaysia Clothes Buffet – Be A Glamourous Traveller

Malaysia Clothes Buffet – Be A Glamourous Traveller

During the fasting month of Ramadhan, there will be a lot of dinner buffet to cater the hungry tummy. A lot of hotels offer wide array of choices for the Muslims and non-Muslims alike to choose from. But clothes buffet? Yeah, it sounds so unique that I was shocked the first time I learnt about Malaysia Clothes Buffet.

I think, travelling and fashion sometimes cannot be separated. Although while travelling, we can choose to wear the simplest attire ever, but it is not a sin to actually wear nice dresses once in a while. Check out Glamourous Traveller, the traveller/blogger who is the first person in my mind when it comes to travelling and fashion.

That is why, I found the Malaysia Clothes Buffet as something that is very unique to everyone out there. With 50,000 pieces of fashionable clothes in the buffet area with an entrance fee of only RM 60, this would be a great opportunity to unleash the glamorous side of a traveller in you.

I was told that by paying RM 60, you will get a ziplock bag where you can stuff as much clothes as you can within 15 minutes. As long as the ziplock bag can be zipped, all the clothes are yours. Record so far is 16 pieces, so maybe you can break that record? Hah!

Think you can break the record of 16 pieces in one bag?

There will also be other stalls and a ‘Blowout Sale’,  where clothes are for sale for RM 10 each from 4-6 pm on the day of the event.

Sounds interesting? Well, as mostly are women clothes, I am going to send my fiancée there, who for sure will be crazy when she sees all the available pieces!

Details of the Malaysia Clothes Buffet are as follows:

  • 25th to 27th April 2014
  • 10.00 am to 6.00 pm
  • Syopz Mall, Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus
  • To buy your tickets to the event, click here.
  • For more info, check out here.

Be a glamourous traveller you always wanted to be!


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9 Replies to “Malaysia Clothes Buffet – Be A Glamourous Traveller”

  1. Wow, this is interesting. Although I like to wear comfy clothes when I travel, I do dress up once in a while, especially if there’s a beach nearby. :p

  2. Thanks for the link, and glad I can help inspire more people to travel stylishly! This event sounds like a really cool concept! too bad you can’t bring your own ‘bag’. I would’ve brought bag sampan besar habis!

    1. Yeah, sometimes I think we need to travel stylishly too! Haha

      The concept is good and if can bring that bag, hahahahaa.. Ok I can’t imagine.. must be full with clothes! ;D

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