I am no famous blogger or an expert in travelling or have had adventures while travelling around the world. No, I am not. But I make it a point to write about whatever adventures that I embarked on, as well as to write about whatever interesting places that I stumbled upon.

With that, I tried my luck in DiGi WWWOW 2014.

Here comes your part. If you like whatever I have been writing so far, or the photos, or the stories, or even if you don’t like this blog at all but you accidentally found it, please, please vote for me in DiGi WWWOW 2014.

Voting starts from now until 31st May 2014, after which the judges will determine who will be the winner.

I don’t have any hope at all since I am suck with popularity voting [Lol], but your votes matter to me. And voting can be done everyday, i.e. 1 vote per day. So, I would appreciate it a lot if you can vote everyday, every morning when you reach office or every night before you sleep. Hahaha.

To vote, click the logo below:

DiGi WWWOW 2014

For more info on DiGi WWWOW 2014, click here.

Abundance of thanks!



    • Thanks akak!!

      Sila lah undi hari2 ya? Haha [Muka tak malu]

      Hehe. Sesama kak. Mata saya masuk habuk semalam. Akak n Nina sama2 kuat :’)

  1. Khai, I intend to vote for you, but bila klik, rupanya kena register. Problem is, I tak da fb/twitter/google account 🙁 Cemana?

  2. |1f34|-|1r3 Reply

    Voted for you bro…the only problem i have with DigiWOW Awards is each day, people who voted before can vote again…wallaweeeiiiii

    • Thanks Bellaaaa!! 🙂

      Didn’t put much hope since it is sooo hard to get into the Top 10! Hahaha.

      But thanks anyway and if you have free time, keep voting! 😉

    • Yeah sometimes I was told that the run-time error occurred. Anyway, thanks in advance KJ!

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