Thank you very much to all who joined the first ever Giveaway by The Best Things In Life. We received many answers for the trivia question “What is the new colour for the Western Line public bus in Brunei?”.

There are 5 participants who managed to answer the question correctly. The correct answers which were submitted and accepted are: Pink, Merah Jambu, Magenta and Merah Remia. There are those who answered Oren/Orange but that was the old colour for the bus. As such, those who answered wrongly are not considered for the running of the giveaway. Sorry guys! Next time, yeah! ;D

So, the 3 lucky winners for this round are:

Please PM me on the Facebook page or email me at salamkai [at] kairulizwan.com together with your full name, address and phone No. To the others, better luck next time! Trust me, there will be another round! 🙂



The lucky winners are randomly chosen by randompicker.com


We are Khai and Amira, Malaysian travel bloggers behind Kaki Jalans. Our travels have taken us to almost all the countries in Asean and several countries in Europe. We are still actively travelling and adding to this list.


  1. bak kata P Ramlee..

    ini tidak adil!!

    * berpatah balik ke bilik Sarimah dengan penuh kehampaan…*

    • Hahaha.

      Sorry kakk! Bukan saya yang pilih tauuu. Untuk tidak pilih kasih, kita guna randompicker. Memang random.

      “Ini tidak adil, tidak adil bagiku.. ini tidak adil, tidak adil baginyaa~”… bak kata Yuna.. hahahaha

  2. jom yuna..
    kita pi main jauh-jauh…..
    kita nyanyi sama sama eh yuna….

    ini tidak adil tidak adil tidak adil tidak adillll..

    • Hahahahaah

      Btw kak, Kuching best eh? Tgk sunset kat gamba akak cantik, tengok depan mata sendiri, subhanallahhh cantikkk sangat!

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