In a way, I am glad that my family still have a hometown in Baling, Kedah, a small district on the northern part of Malaysia. Although living in the city is convenient with all the amenities are available including, but not limited to, the high-speed broadband, the LRT, shopping malls next to each other et cetera, but nothing can beat the tranquility and greenery a rural area has to offer.

Typical road in Malaysian’s countryside or ‘kampung’ area.

My family’s hometown, well, my mum’s to be exact, is situated on a hilly area of Baling, so the journey there every year for holiday seasons is mesmerizing. Normally, my family will depart from our home in Shah Alam either early in the morning or late morning, so that we can catch the beautiful view offered along the way.

Paddy field with small hills as the backdrop in Baling, Kedah.

There were times we would stop by the roadside just to embrace the moment and see the lush greenery of the hilly parts of the road. There are also certain designated viewing areas built so that motorists can stand and enjoy the mountainous terrain of the place.

Another view of the paddy field and the hills. Isn’t this beautiful?

Kedah is also known as the rice bowl of the country since there are a lot of paddy fields available. Although Baling is not a well-known paddy field area, there are still small scale paddy fields around, giving the place an extra touch of  beauty. Seriously, the view is amazing.

Tranquility in obscurity. If you intend to visit Malaysia, why don’t you make a visit to this unfamiliar territory instead of the usual ones?

So, although born and bred in the city, I am truly grateful that I still have a rural hometown that I am proud of. And if I were to be given the chance to choose either to live and retire in the city or in the countryside, I would surely choose the later over the former.

How about you? City or countryside? – Happy Friday!


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