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Still Day 5: Friday, 30 August 2013

After climbing several sets of staircases including a classic spiral staircase, Nung and I reached the viewing platform before we separated. The sky was cloudy but not too gloomy. The wind blew gently, brushing my cheeks and my hair. I walked around and this is the view of Vientiane from above Patuxai.

Lepas panjat beberapa tangga nak ke atas termasuklah satu tangga berputar yang klasik giler, aku dan Nung sampai ke platform tinjau sebelum kami berpisah. Langit mendung tapi takdelah gelap sangat. Angin pulak sepoi-sepoi bahasa. Aku jalan keliling untuk tengok pemandangan Vientiane dari atas Patuxai.

This structure will be more beautiful if coloured… I think.
Overlooking Avenue Lane Xang, the widest boulevard in Vientiane. To come here, I walked from the end of this boulevard. Quite far, huh?
One of the government buildings in Vientiane. Despite being the capital city, Vientiane still has the greenery of a rural area and the laid-back atmosphere can be felt.
There were no highrise buildings or towers in Vientiane. And the terrain is not a mountainous one.
Another newly built government building in the city. Note the road which is so empty.
Overlooking the other end of Patuxai with the fountain clearly visible. Most of the developing South East Asian capitals are full with motorcycles on the road. But not in Vientiane.
Vientiane should maintain this structure properly as this is one of the capital’s icon.

After spending some good quality time on Patuxai, I decided to end my visit here. I found Nung and thank her for the company. We took one last photo together and bid farewell as both of us went our separate ways. “Keep in touch!“, she shouted as I walked towards Lane Xang Avenue.

Lepas dah puas lepak atas Patuxai, aku ingat cukup dahlah lepak sini. Aku jumpa Nung kat atas ni dan cakap terima kasih kat dia sebab teman aku ke sini. Kami ambil gambar sama-sama dan berpisah ikut haluan masing-masing. “Keep in touch”, dia jerit masa aku jalan ke arah Avenue Lane Xang.

Nung and I.

Guess where I went next?


To be continued – Part 19


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